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  1. Just wondering if anyone in the community, who has an older Inspiron 1525 with the X3100 has tried installing Mavericks with any success?
  2. Ok, so I think I did mis-understand the "Windows messing with bootloader problem" The problem described above only happens if you dual boot on the same hard drive and two partitions, not on two separate hard drives. Well anyhow, the Windows OS installed on the USB Drive showed up on the list of drives to choose from when booting up with Chameleon but after clicking on the OS, it doesn't load. Gives a Windows error message with the option to place your windows installation cd in to try and repair the problem. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
  3. Hi redneck thx for the quick reply. My dell model is Inspiron 1525. I just used Paragon Back up to restore my hard drive image that was once located where I now have Mac Osx installed and restored it back onto a USB drive instead of the internal drive. Not sure though if it will boot or not. Want to make sure that the USB version of windows will not effect the internal bootloader, still very new at this lol. So if i boot from USB, does Windows not attempt to mess with the bootloader on the internal drive? Just asking because that is what I have understood can happen, or mis-understood
  4. Morning everybody, so it took me a while but I did manage to install Snow Leopard on my Dell laptop. Problem is the HDMI does not work, it doesn't detect it. So to fix that problem I was wondering if I could just use a USB drive that has my Windows Vista already installed, anytime I need the HDMI, without messing up my Mac Osx installation? I have been reading that sometimes it can mess up the bootloader and change the partition into a Guid/Mbr hybrid. Or is that only if you dual boot of the same drive? I have spent quite a bit of time getting it to work, so I don't want to risk losing all that work over an HDMI. If it's safe then yes, as I already have the USB windows drive ready to go. Else forget it, I'll just go an grap myself a VGA to VGA connector to hook it up to my tv and the extra audio cable. So is it possible to run Windows vista off an external USB without messing up my internal drive that has mac os? Thanks, great forum by the way.
  5. Hi everyone, so I just installed Snow Leopard 10.6.3 and updated it to 10.6.8 successfully on a Dell inspiron 1525 using the BootDell1525 CD. Now I noticed that it didn't come with Facetime pre installed, so I got it at the App store. Logged into the store without a problem. Verified my email without a problem. However everytime I open Facetime and enter my info, it says "Network connection error" I have tried using the Dns fix but nothing. From what I have been reading, it should still be working on 10.6.8.
  6. Hello everybody, this is my first post. Thank you all for such a great forum. So anyhow, I recently played around with installing OSX 10.6 on an older Dell inspiron 1525. After several days of playing around I was able to successful boot up and install the OS. In fact, everything is working except for Hdmi and well Facetime for some reason( network connection error all the time, but trying to solve on step at a time) so I'll work on Facetime at a later time. Now i have done many searches on the forum but I was unable to find any info regarding, whether you can get the hdmi port to work. THe computer has the x3100 card Intel 945 or 965 chipset, can't remember exactly. I used the Dell Bootloader 1525 to install and have added all the main kexts. I checked out other forums as well and from what I have read, it is not possible. Just wanted to make sure though, as I would love to be able to get hdmi to work. I know the newer graphics cards will do it, but any chance the x3100 can?