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X79-UD5 Mavericks DP4- DP7 not working

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Ok I got it working by installing DP1 and then Upgrade to DP7 skipping DP4, it seems like its DP4 thats messing it up.


I everyone thanks for all your work and contributions.  I have a non standard config that has been working fine until now. It works perfect with 10.8.5 but since DP4 I am unable to boot to desktop. I have a Nvidia GTX 570 in PCIE slot 1 and an AMD 7950 in PCIE slot 3, with clover I can boot and use both cards. I have an analogue LCD connected to the Nvidia and another to the AMD with a HDMI LED LCD connected to the AMD as well. This gives me CUDA and fast OpenCL and works well with the software I use, Davince Resolve, Final Cut, Lightwave 3D etc. I have a Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5 with bios F12. I am booting with the Nvidia as primary card.(Using a USB sound card so I don't have to worry about kexts all the time). When booting into Mavericks DP4 to DP7 (Updated from non working DP4 to DP5, 6 and 7 by running update from Mountain Lion onto the Maverics HDD, separate HDD) all I get is a blinking cursor in Left corner, after a quick flash of a white screen with apple logo on the Nvidia connected analogue monitor. The AMD screens remains blank sometimes they become white and I can move the mouse cursor for a second once the Nvidia goes into blink mode cursor disappears. I have tried by removing both AMD and nVidia drivers as was suggested by someone else to see if I can get to the desktop but no luck. Using -x boot flag makes no difference. Disconnecting the HDMI also makes no difference, as this was a known problem with DP4. I was unable to boot with Cameleon using both cards in the past so have not tried that again. Any suggestions from people here would be appreciated as I am not sure where the problem lies if its with the DSDT or some other problem as I don't think its the drivers as removing them makes no difference. I am running the latest clover r1995 and like I said it works great in 10.8.5. Here is a link to my IOreg under 10.8.5 that is working. Thanks in advance for any help.


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    • Good evening to all. So, I have an external 1TB seagate HD and it always reads normally, but now when I plug it into my HACK it just does not read, it does not even appear on the disk utility. The light always turns blue from the HD without blinking. However I plugged it into windows, on a macbook and it worked normally. I already formatted my hack but it did not work. Thank you in advance for the help and sorry my bad english   my kexts: AppleALC.kext FakeSMC.kext IntelGraphicsFixup.kext IntelMausiEthernet.kext Lilu.kext WhateverGreen.kext VoodooHDA.kext USBInjectAll.kext NvidiaGraphicsFixup.kext   GTX 1080 Windforce core i5 7º generation 8gb Ram H170M Plus BR    
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    • For me the forum seems reasonably OK, except whenever I see the word 'LOADING' - like when clicking another page of a thread - when it just stops completely and never returns.   I use an adblocker, so adverts aren't slowing me down.  Browsing the forum indexes is not too bad, as is clicking to view any thread.  Ditto clicking a link in an email notification to go to a particular post in a thread.  Sometimes it takes maybe five seconds to load a page, which is a bit too long.  But it's not terrible.   But then whenever I click on any other thread page, which tries to do the in-page content load (without a full page refresh), I see LOADING and then nothing further happens, even after minutes.   It's definitely not related to which content is loaded, but rather how it is loaded.  For example if I go to the index for this forum, then click directly to page 11 of this thread, it loads in 1-5 seconds.  But if I click the link to page 11 within the thread, it never comes back.  I just see this, forever:     This stuck issue seems to me likely something broken (code or configuration?) rather than a general slowdown.  But maybe there's also a general slowdown, especially for those who are seeing adverts.
    • This is as far as I can get with the AMD kexts and the device ID added. They load but the frame buffer isn't loaded. I've tried loading all 7 frame buffers included in the X1000 kext with no luck. From the tests Gigamaxx did there seems to be more luck spoofing as Intel graphics there. More support may come from integrated Vega though, hard to tell.    
    • as documented here it is a sample rate standard and i have also tested it and i can confirm that it works with my audigy rx at least, i have to test it with other cards   https://github.com/audiojs/sample-rate