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X79-UD5 Mavericks DP4- DP7 not working


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Ok I got it working by installing DP1 and then Upgrade to DP7 skipping DP4, it seems like its DP4 thats messing it up.


I everyone thanks for all your work and contributions.  I have a non standard config that has been working fine until now. It works perfect with 10.8.5 but since DP4 I am unable to boot to desktop. I have a Nvidia GTX 570 in PCIE slot 1 and an AMD 7950 in PCIE slot 3, with clover I can boot and use both cards. I have an analogue LCD connected to the Nvidia and another to the AMD with a HDMI LED LCD connected to the AMD as well. This gives me CUDA and fast OpenCL and works well with the software I use, Davince Resolve, Final Cut, Lightwave 3D etc. I have a Gigabyte GA-X79-UD5 with bios F12. I am booting with the Nvidia as primary card.(Using a USB sound card so I don't have to worry about kexts all the time). When booting into Mavericks DP4 to DP7 (Updated from non working DP4 to DP5, 6 and 7 by running update from Mountain Lion onto the Maverics HDD, separate HDD) all I get is a blinking cursor in Left corner, after a quick flash of a white screen with apple logo on the Nvidia connected analogue monitor. The AMD screens remains blank sometimes they become white and I can move the mouse cursor for a second once the Nvidia goes into blink mode cursor disappears. I have tried by removing both AMD and nVidia drivers as was suggested by someone else to see if I can get to the desktop but no luck. Using -x boot flag makes no difference. Disconnecting the HDMI also makes no difference, as this was a known problem with DP4. I was unable to boot with Cameleon using both cards in the past so have not tried that again. Any suggestions from people here would be appreciated as I am not sure where the problem lies if its with the DSDT or some other problem as I don't think its the drivers as removing them makes no difference. I am running the latest clover r1995 and like I said it works great in 10.8.5. Here is a link to my IOreg under 10.8.5 that is working. Thanks in advance for any help.


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