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ML 10.8.2 boot into the black screen


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Problem solved! i think.....

just bought a new USB Keyboard, install some kexts, and updated to newest version.


i'm trying to make a new USB Stick now.


hi there,

i just did the clean install to my new "OLD" hack, here is my spec.

Galaxy GeForce 210
WD VecilorRaptor 150GB
IBM PS/2 Keyboard
Boot and install with ##### 1.7

and now these are my main issue
*##### 5.4.3 installed, using -v to boot up, and the classic "PCI configuration begin" showed up.
I thought it was because I choosed the Nvidia Driver, but after I boot up my hack, the message showed.
So I delete all the Nvidia driver, and reboot again.

*after boot up by using -v flag, it still showed the classic message. then I found a thing.....
my PS/2 keyboard num-lock light's up, and still nothing happen. system still stay at black screen.

any help?
thanks for anything.....

best wishes!
and sorry for my poor english!


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