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  1. ML 10.8.2 boot into the black screen

    update!! Problem solved! i think..... just bought a new USB Keyboard, install some kexts, and updated to newest version. i'm trying to make a new USB Stick now.
  2. ML 10.8.2 boot into the black screen

    update!!! I downloaded a version of NVEnabler.kext and it's for 9600GT, but it seems to work! after I get the Desktop, my PS/2 Keyboard shutdown! any help? thanks for anything.
  3. ML 10.8.2 boot into the black screen

    i actually did! but black screen stayed. still trying some possible solution.
  4. update!! Problem solved! i think..... just bought a new USB Keyboard, install some kexts, and updated to newest version. i'm trying to make a new USB Stick now. hi there, i just did the clean install to my new "OLD" hack, here is my spec. i3-540 GA-H55N-USB3 4GB DDR3 RAM Galaxy GeForce 210 WD VecilorRaptor 150GB IBM PS/2 Keyboard ==== Boot and install with ##### 1.7 and now these are my main issue *##### 5.4.3 installed, using -v to boot up, and the classic "PCI configuration begin" showed up. I thought it was because I choosed the Nvidia Driver, but after I boot up my hack, the message showed. So I delete all the Nvidia driver, and reboot again. *after boot up by using -v flag, it still showed the classic message. then I found a thing..... my PS/2 keyboard num-lock light's up, and still nothing happen. system still stay at black screen. any help? thanks for anything..... best wishes! and sorry for my poor english! cheers!
  5. GeForce 7600GS in 10.7

    i have done to make this card work correctly, but looks like there's no CI/QE supported (but that's not effect things i need) now my problems is counting down from 3 to 2 (App Store & iCloud, Ethernet)
  6. GeForce 7600GS in 10.7

    I need it too! mine is EN7600GS Silent (256MB) from ASUS still stay in 1024x768 (with ONLY 3MB Video RAM)
  7. yes, i just tried. and what sys do you use now? i'm a newby too, and i stocked at 10.6.4 looking for chances to update to 10.6.8
  8. Snow Leopard on Gigabyte Mobos

    hi there, i successfully installed Snow Leopard and update to 10.6.4 safely but from now on, i can't update to 10.6.5 or later 'cause the USB don't work! any help?
  9. KP after 10.6.8 Combo Update

    mine's too, i can only run 10.6.4 i'm using DIY Hackintosh, w/ GA-EP41T-UD3L, 4GB RAM, Pentium D 935(2bad 2 upgrade to lion) after i ran the 10.6.8 combo update, it keeps staying at the gray screen
  10. my hardware basic spec: GA-EP41T-UD3L Penitum D 935 3.2Ghz ( I tried to OC to 3.72Ghz, but...., you know) 4GB DDR3 RAM nVidia 7600GS w/ 256MB ======= i was installed my Mac(iHack?) from Snow Leopard Retail DVD + EmpireEFI 1.85 Legacy w/ myHack 1.0 RC5 it installed good, but i only update to 10.6.4, after that it crashed not like really crashed, it looks like my USB function was going down!! so I can't move my mouse/keyboard, even my usb storage i read about most of threads on sites, and i don't know how to fix it anyone has plan? (sorry for my poor english)
  11. iAtkos L2 boot problem help

    my problem is when i using iAtkos L2 DVD to boot up, it always stocked at the gray apple picture i am install os x snow leopard on my Desktop GA-EP41T-UD3L + 4G DDR3 RAM + nVidia 7600GS + retail Snow Leopard 10.6.0 now updated to 10.6.3
  12. Snow Leopard on Gigabyte Mobos

    me using "GA-EP41T-UD3L+Pentium D 935" w/ASUS EN7600GS(256MB), 4GB DDR3, SATA II HD i've got a retail DVD of SL, but what other files do i need to download? i used to download bootloader, but it keeps restarting when i insert retail DVD does the Pentium D Processor supported? thanks for reading