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OS X on Sony VAIO Fit 15


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Hey folks,

I just received my new laptop yesterday and went right on to install OS X on it.
I started with creating a virtual machine in VMWare, get the ML install app and create an usb-stick using MyHack.
After rebooting, disabling USB3 and VT-x in my bios, i couldn't get into the installer.

First of all i'm using a NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 735M but it says Intel HD in the Darwin booter, i assume this is because of Optimus technology, because of this the installer doesn't boot up on the laptop screen but i have to connect it to an HDMI monitor, for installation this isn't really that hell of a problem as i assume there probably is a fix available for this issue.

So there are 2 scenarios which i've had so far:
Boot with "-v cpus=1" and it loads in verbose, [iOBluetoothHCIController] while a rainbow-spinning-circle appears (trouble)

Boot with "-v" and get through verbose output but hangs in a gray screen with the rainbow-spinning-circle. i waited for like half an hour and it didn't load so i assume there's something wrong in here

In both cases i can move the mouse around but just nothing progresses.

Any thoughts, any possibilities i can try? i'm now going to try Mavericks DP1, as i have an Haswell processor and it sounds logical to me if it will work now.

Haswell i5 3337U @ 1.8GHz
NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 735M

First and Third tab of CPU-Z (used to ask for this on the old community i was on, it's pretty dead now though):

Thanks guys.




So i made a boot-usb with 10.9 DP1 and myHack,

Pretty much booting with anything doesn't power up to the installation except when i use these boot params (the laptop screen suddenly comes to live as well):
-v -x "Graphics Mode"="1600x900x32" GraphicsEnabler=No


Except i can't erase the partition i want to erase for installation (it's NTFS and i can't mount it) so i'll get Parted Magic, format the partition to HFS+ and try mounting it then..

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