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  1. Bootdisk Utility

    I know i'm somewhat late but you issue is that 7zip (the library used by BDU) can not process this InstallESD. Apple decided to use another format for compression than the previous InstallESD, if you want to use it with BDU you first need to expand it and then manually (using 7zip) extract the .hfs(x) file. Then you can restore the .hfs(x) file using BDU. I did it this with Transmac, shareware program but has a free trial. HFSExplorer, however, is freeware and should be able to do it. If not, try virtualbox with a linux set up, there are usually more compression tools on linux than there are on windows.
  2. Hey folks, I just received my new laptop yesterday and went right on to install OS X on it. I started with creating a virtual machine in VMWare, get the ML install app and create an usb-stick using MyHack. After rebooting, disabling USB3 and VT-x in my bios, i couldn't get into the installer. First of all i'm using a NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 735M but it says Intel HD in the Darwin booter, i assume this is because of Optimus technology, because of this the installer doesn't boot up on the laptop screen but i have to connect it to an HDMI monitor, for installation this isn't really that hell of a problem as i assume there probably is a fix available for this issue. So there are 2 scenarios which i've had so far: Boot with "-v cpus=1" and it loads in verbose, [iOBluetoothHCIController] while a rainbow-spinning-circle appears (trouble) Boot with "-v" and get through verbose output but hangs in a gray screen with the rainbow-spinning-circle. i waited for like half an hour and it didn't load so i assume there's something wrong in here In both cases i can move the mouse around but just nothing progresses. Any thoughts, any possibilities i can try? i'm now going to try Mavericks DP1, as i have an Haswell processor and it sounds logical to me if it will work now. Specs: Haswell i5 3337U @ 1.8GHz 8GB DDR3 RAM NVIDIA® GeForce® GT 735M 1TB HDD First and Third tab of CPU-Z (used to ask for this on the old community i was on, it's pretty dead now though): Thanks guys. //UPDATE So i made a boot-usb with 10.9 DP1 and myHack, Pretty much booting with anything doesn't power up to the installation except when i use these boot params (the laptop screen suddenly comes to live as well): -v -x "Graphics Mode"="1600x900x32" GraphicsEnabler=No Except i can't erase the partition i want to erase for installation (it's NTFS and i can't mount it) so i'll get Parted Magic, format the partition to HFS+ and try mounting it then..