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[SUCCESS] Chameleon fails to boot from HD partitioned ML 10.8.4 Asus X52F

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Hi guys,


I have laptop in my signatur partitioned in this way


1st  partition: Windows 7

2nd partition M.Lion 10.8.4

3rd partition Data (NTFS)


I installed M.Lion 10.8.4 with last pandora installer, but rebooting the chamaleon failed to boot, and it deleted the MBR of W7 (!!!) I restored it, but the chamaleon does'nt work, I have to boot with pen drive.

With chameleon wizard I founded a new version to install and I upgrade it installing it in boot0 option, but nothing changed, at the reboot W7 starts. I have to boot again with Pandora installer.


Could it depend by the fact that W7 is in first partition so its MBR coincide with the first sector of the phisical HD? I could succeed inverting the partitions (1st ML 2nd W7)?


Or there is another chameleon/enoc version (or way...) to install?


Thank you all and excuse my english.

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Italian forum moderator ludox (thanks to him) suggested me EasyBCD




a windows utility that allows you to start with any OS on any pc.


The steps:


1) if you have to install more than 1 OS on a parted HD, install first OSX, then windows. At the reboot chamaleon will fails to boot, only windows will start, so download and install easybcd, add a new OS selecting "Mac OSX" and save. At the reboot you could choose windows or OSX. If you have a hackintosh, selecting OSX chamaleon will start.


2) if you just have a working Windows OS, make another partition on your HD and install OSX. At the reboot both chamaleon and windows will fails to boot, so insert windows installation DVD and restore the system (online there are a lot of guides). Then, when windows will start, follow step 1.


I successed, so I can close the post.

Bye all.

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