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Advice Please on Graphics Card for AMD - 10.8.4


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I fixed my kernel panic problem myself and now can boot up into normal mode. I also have my WiFi working - just need to sort out my sound and I'm almost done! Only one slight problem: my graphics card.


What's OS X without QE? Practically a non-usable system.


I have two graphics cards, both are old and were only cheap in their day so I've had good use out of them. I want another cheap graphics card (less than £50), which will give me QE with an AMD CPU. Not asking for anything fancy, just enough RAM to get me QE in 10.8.4 and hopefully a card which will work with 10.9 when it comes out (although I understand nobody can predict what will and won't work - just wishful thinking!)


I know that AMD and NVidia don't really mix well with ML. There are very few exceptions which cost £100's and aren't even worth mentioning in that case.


Looking on the 10.8.4 HCL, there are only 3 ATi cards and only 1 of them work with little effort. From my experience, NVidia cards always seem easier to install, just unfortunately there's this issue with AMD.


Can anyone confirm if:

Sparkle 8400 GS 512mb, or;

eVGA GeForce 620 2GB


will work with an AMD Athlon 64 X3 CPU? These cards claim to work OOB, but I'd just like someone to clarify if this is the case with AMD before I buy one.


If anyone knows any other cheap graphics cards that will get me QE with an AMD cpu then that would be great.




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