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  1. Hello, Basically I downloaded a "Retail OS X DVD for Intel". Well it's retail in the sense that it was OS X 10.8 downloaded from the App Store, had a few files removed to make it fit onto a DVD and had this done to it: http://www.osx86.in/2012/09/osx-mountain-lion-bootable-dvd-to-install-on-pc.html And then been uploaded. I tried it on my Dell Inspiron 15 3521 laptop, that has an Intel i3 processor. It booted and installed fine, but it had a black screen after boot. I reinstalled Windows 8 and am leaving that for now. I want to focus on my desktop. My desktop has an AMD Athlon II X3 450 processor at 3.2 GHz. I've had this computer previously working near enough 100% on Niresh 10.8.2, as well as Snow Leopard and Leopard, so my computer is all compatible. I found a kernel for AMD for 10.8.3/4. I've used this kernel before, so I know it works with my processor. The thing is, I want to add it to this disc and boot from it but nothing works! I've tried burning the ISO with various programs, taking the disc boot image and burning this onto a new disc with the iso, making an HFS+ system in Transmac and then burning this directly from Transmac as well as opening up in PowerISO and adding the boot image I extracted from the bootable DVD. Nothing works! If I put in the working DVD, it gets to Chameleon and with -V, it loads all the kexts and just restarts (as expected for an Intel DVD on an AMD system). I can't even get any disc I make to load Chameleon!! Please help me. There has to be something I'm doing wrong. Regards, Jonathan.
  2. I'm so confused, on the HCL for 10.8.4 it says the EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GT 620 works basically OOB with GraphicsEnabler=No. Will this not work on AMD then? I'm going to buy a graphics card over the weekend so really I need a definitive answer now. I was looking at the Sapphire HD 6670 card, will this work because I read other places it needs a lot of work? Or will the 5450 ATI card work? I can pick those up cheap in PC World... Please help me decide soon! Thanks!
  3. So don't ask simply how to install the kernel linked on this thread... Right, nice to see people here really make sense.... And that's all I asked, I didn't actually ask for help just that French guy thought I did and acted as if I did and seeing he started a conversation, unlike some people, I'm not rude so I replied to him. Geesh...
  4. Well, thanks a lot, it's nice to see that new people are treated so kindly here. For a start the whole NVidia problem is very much related to AMD. But when I asked how do I install this kernel, now is asking how to use the very subject of this thread classed a hijacking? Thankfully I fixed it myself, no thanks to anyone here. I could've gone on to ask what graphics card I should use to get QE here too, but I started a separate thread for that. Apologies for not quite hijacking this thread to make your claim valid. For the information of any new users: To insall the kernel, extract it to your desktop. Then drag it to the hard drive on the side - this will move the kernel to the root of your hard drive. Then go to /Extra and edit org.chameleon.Boot.plist by adding: <key>Kernel</key> <string>amd_kernel</string> at the top of all the commands that are also surrounded by <keys> and <string>. These commands are usualy indented, just under where it says <dict>. Hopefully, if you're new to the confusing world of OSx86 with AMD, then you can be reading this and know how to get your computer up and running without any kernel panics as this kernel, works brilliantly! If any new users in time do read this, then thanks Mods for not deeming this gesture of helping as "hijacking" a thread. I thiink you'd better post this in a new thread because this seems to have become a somewhat private discussion. They'll just delete your post for "hijacking" the thread if you come straight on asking for related help...
  5. Advice Please on Graphics Card for AMD - 10.8.4

    Hi, I fixed my kernel panic problem myself and now can boot up into normal mode. I also have my WiFi working - just need to sort out my sound and I'm almost done! Only one slight problem: my graphics card. What's OS X without QE? Practically a non-usable system. I have two graphics cards, both are old and were only cheap in their day so I've had good use out of them. I want another cheap graphics card (less than £50), which will give me QE with an AMD CPU. Not asking for anything fancy, just enough RAM to get me QE in 10.8.4 and hopefully a card which will work with 10.9 when it comes out (although I understand nobody can predict what will and won't work - just wishful thinking!) I know that AMD and NVidia don't really mix well with ML. There are very few exceptions which cost £100's and aren't even worth mentioning in that case. Looking on the 10.8.4 HCL, there are only 3 ATi cards and only 1 of them work with little effort. From my experience, NVidia cards always seem easier to install, just unfortunately there's this issue with AMD. Can anyone confirm if: Sparkle 8400 GS 512mb, or; eVGA GeForce 620 2GB will work with an AMD Athlon 64 X3 CPU? These cards claim to work OOB, but I'd just like someone to clarify if this is the case with AMD before I buy one. If anyone knows any other cheap graphics cards that will get me QE with an AMD cpu then that would be great. Regards, Jonathan.
  6. *Please ignore, realised I posted in wrong forum. Mods please delete, sorry!* Posted under the hardware -> Graphics Cards section if you want to help me
  7. This is all so confusing, I'm beginning to think the answer is just 'Snow Leopard'.... Can you (or anyone else) just please tell me, in really simple terms, how on earth do I install a new kernel? Thanks.
  8. Niresh 10.8.2 Kernel Panic

    Hello, So ths is really, really annoying me and I just need someone to please help me. I had this working, but I reinstalled, and now it won't work again! It just gives me a kernel panic if I start up in normal mode straight away, just comes up with Mac OS Version: Not Yet Set. If any more info is needed just ask. If I start up in any mode like -f or -x, it starts up fine! Normal mode just won't boot though. I have: Gigabyte GA 78LMT-S2P AMD Athlon 64 X3 4GB (2x 2GB) DDR3 RAM NVidia (Inno3D) GeForce 9500 GT - 1GB VRAM If any more specs or info/pictures are needed at all then please do ask, I'll ablige in any way I possibly can. I hope I can get this fixed - it's incredibly frustrated as I had it all working before! Regards, Jonathan.
  9. Ah right I didn't see that. I tried removing all my graphics kexts and it still gave me kernel panic, so I assumed that I must've been a first or something! I've just reinstalled, gone into safe mode, so I'll try removing that kext and see if it boots up this time. If it doesn't, I think I may have to ask for some help this time!... Ok I have one thing I need help with that is related to this. I want to install this kernel, but I can't find my mach_kernel to replace it with this. I put it in Extra folder, and edit com.Chameleon.boot.plist with: <key>Kernel</key> <string>amd_kernel</string> But then it just says it can't find amd_kernel and won't let me boot at all, even in safe mode. Then if I specify mach_kernel, it says it can't find mach_kernel either. How do I replace the kernel on Niresh's 10.8.2?
  10. I know it isn't a help forum, but I just replied mainly to tell people that, even if without QE, it has actually been working for me a whole lot better than I've heard it working for others. Apparently most people can't boot AMD/NV without safe boot, and I said I could boot it fine right from the off. I didn't mean to sound like I'm asking for help. I rarely tend to, most of the fun is trying to work it out yourself. If I wanted a Mac, well I've got one and I'd just go out and buy a newer Mac if I wanted a great one to use for day-to-day stuff. Unfortunately mine is about 10 years old, still going just as good as I had it from new! I just thought I'd include all the background to save people asking, in case anyone wanted to look into my case further... Unless I'm mistaken and most people can boot into normal mode without any kext modification at all. And I don't mean any of the above to sound rude, but I appreciate (after reading it) that it probably does in a few parts... That's just me and how I talk, not intentional!
  11. Just replying to share me experience, more information can only be good! I installed yesterday, for the first time, Niresh's 10.8.2. The first time I always got a kernel panic on boot, so I tried again but this time selected a few more options. It gave me the same error at the end of install (couldn't restart and to use Startup Disk Utility). I just clicked restart and, just as before, the bootloader came up. I just put in -v and it booted straight away, right into the OS! And it always booted fine for every boot after this. I had no QE though. My graphics card, and here is where it gets interesting, is the Nvidia Inno3d GeForce 9500 GT, 1GB RAM. So I tried a load of drivers, but it got to a point I'd messed around with so many kexts that it wouldn't even boot in the correct resolution, so I decided to reinstall. Now I can't install without getting kernel panics. I researched on the internet and only then did I find that AMD and Nvidia don't mix. It seems my card shouldn't, but by a freak accident I got it working. Now I can't get it working any more, not unless I use -x to boot. Now I swapped it with my Ati Radeon HD 4550 (also a problematic card...), but I can't boot this without kernel panic either. The only difference is that I can boot into -f and see my desktop, with the Nvidia I only got a load of multicoloured lines and dots. To install, I've used all Niresh's own drivers. His AMD kernel and I used some Nvidia kext (I can't remember if it was Natit or the other one), along with GraphicsEnabler=Yes. Now I tried reinstalling using his package for Older Nvidia Cards. This time it recognised it not as an Nvidia card, but in Inno3D card and listed the model as 9500 GT. It picked up all it's specifications better too. So that seemed to be better, but it still gave me a kernel panic and wouldn't let me boot any way other than -x. So someone DID manage to boot an Nvidia card without -x, just don't ask me to do it again though... I'm seeing if I can have any luck with the Ati now, but it looks doubtful. I'm going to update to 10.8.4 first and then use the AMD kernel from this thread. Unfortunately I have Niresh's 10.7.3 V2 disc, but I can't get it to boot, it just hangs So that means I'm dedicated to getting ML working! Unless I just go back to trusty old Snow Leopard which seems to work with everything. My CPU is an AMD Athlon 64 X3 by the way. If you need any more specs I can dig them all out for you. I built this PC ages ago for Windows. I had another custom built one that worked fine with all Hackintosh builds, but it broke. So now I fancy a challenge on this one.