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*Help*Completely erase mac hardware... trouble


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yesterday, i received a pre-owned macbook pro which was running ox s lion. i wanted to give it to my 10 years old niece as a present since she has been wanting a laptop for a long time. since i want to make it seems completely new, i decided to transform it back to the original factory settings. So i restart the laptop and wait for the white blank screen to appear then i pressed the "option" key. Naturally, it shows me the "Macintosh HD" and the "recovery HD" and so i chose "recovery HD". When i got everything erased and ready for the software installation for os x lion, it told me to enter my itunes account to install it but unfortunately i didn't buy the os x lion before. I then went to another computer and went to the mac's appstore, wanting to buy the os x lion but they don't sell it any more and only os x mountain lion is available....


now the pre-owned macbook's hard ware is completely erase and not usable until i install ox s lion or find another solution...

please help me 

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