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Hello IM. I am a long time lurker and first time post. I recently just bought a new Gigabyte Z87-UD4H motherboard and i5 4670K. I am also running the built in intel graphics for now. This is my first UEFI mobo. Is there anything special that has to be done for UEFI to install OS X? My previous system was a MSI x58 mobo with an i7 930. I have read that with new UEFI Gigabyte boards you dont need a DSDT? I would appreciate any help i could get. Thanks 

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If "don't need a DSDT" means you can boot OSX and get most of your motherboard's features working, i'd say yes, it's true - for UEFI 7-series motherboards and (hopefully) newer. For every other motherboard, you can possibly run OSX without a patched DSDT as long as you have a set of custom ("legacy") kexts that enable proper hardware recognition.


Although, for some features, an edited DSDT (or certain custom kexts, at least) will be needed. For example, to enable USB 3 ports, or HDMI audio, or native AppleHDA internal audio, or to make your graphics to work fully or with advanced configurations such as 2+ cards working together etc.


Theoretically Clover can kind of patch the ACPI tables (SSDT, DSDT etc) on the fly so you can be exempt of bothering with that, but i don't know in what extent that is true in a practical sense: for an example, i never got Clover to fully enable Ivy Bridge power management for me, and decidedly need a custom SSDT for it, and a custom DSDT for other features.


Well, that's it! Do your own research and welcome to Insanelymac.


All the best!

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