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F***ing partition problems


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I had an AMD 64 4000+ with nForce4 with OSX installed on an IDE disk and Win XP on a SATA disk. All was working fine and I was able to use the chain0 thing.


Now I´m with an Intel E6600 Conroe + Asus P5W DH Deluxe and I´m trying (tried abaut 10 times already...) to install Windows XP and OS X on the same disk. I could manage to install OSX only on the disk but when I install both systems I just cannot boot OSX. The chain0 thing doesn´t work any more :)


Any clues? :)

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How many partitions on yr new drive?


2. One for XP (disk0s1) and one for OSX (disk0s2).


Use the Darwin bootloader?


Install Windows. Set the OSX partition "active". Install OSX. Boot into OSX (use F8 with the install DVD if necessary) and set the "timout" parameter in the boot.plist to reveal the bootloader menu.




OMG! I'm so dumb.. I did that and now I can boot Windows too. Thanks a lot! ;)


Download http://www.ultimatebootcd.com/


then burn the disk, boot from the disk. click f3 then f7 put the boot loader on the active partition, give a name to each partition and reboot. When you reboot you'll have a working boot loader.


Good luck.


Thanks Davinchy but It won't be necessary. I was able to manage it with Darwin's boot manager. Anyway I'll remember you hint. I have a CD with UltimateBootCD here for emergencies.





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