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10.9 DP1 to DP2,3,4,5


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How to update from DP1 to all the others




Mac Drive 8

Windows 7 - (sata tested only)



if like me your on DP1 already and need DP2 or the other versions the way i updated was to have my working windows drive plugged on as a slave drive that chameleon could see too and boot too/from..


basically you use windows to fix the problems you find via mac drive keeping the other (mac formatted drive) plugged on too


the problem i had was "appleintelcpupowermanagement.kext" every time i updated/graded the os it needed that kexts removing so that i could boot.


then the other problem was that i had to fix an issue with nullcpupowermanagement.kext too 


i then took the one from extras folder and using the latest kextutility i installed it that way and then rebooted and then i ran diskutility and then i repaired the disk and yes again i rebooted job done


all i needed was a sound kexts for alc 889, which is freely out there..


thats how i did it .. thank you : P

alc 889.zip

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