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Sleep/Wake Issue


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I have a problem with waking up my Mac. Whenever I tried to wake up my Mac I get this 



The only kexts I used are fakesmc,ATI4800controller,ATIRadeonX2000 and VoodooHDA


My specs:

10.8.4 | Asus P5B Deluxe | E4500 | 4GB | Samsung HD103SJ | Radeon HD4850

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No I dont use sleepenabler.kext - it doesnt work.

Its actually funny because I have 2 dvi ports on my graphics card and when I apply my cable to the secound port - sleep and wake works pretty well, but i cant change resolution to 1440x900.

Without loading the ati kexts its doesnt even go to sleep.

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Actually I do this, but it doesnt work. The only resolution that I can choose is 1440x1050 and lower

Hello. Does your Display sleep work. If not, you must put Vbios into DSDT!


If you need help, ask question in my topic. I will try to help you in this case.

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Do I need Windows and AIDA64 to do this?

Can I do this on Mac OS X using IORegistryExplorer or something else?

Display Sleep doesnt work so I hope putting Vbios into DSDT will help :)



you only need ioreg... terminal code:

AMD/ATI BIOS ROM (may have to replace display with GFX0 or similar)
Code:ioreg -arw0 -d1 -n display | xpath '//key[.="ATY,bin_image"]/following-sibling::*[1]/text()' | base64 -D -o ~/Desktop/vbios.rom

then, copy the generated rom into /Extra and rename it, i think it is like:


if you got


Vendor: ATI (0x1002)

Device ID: 0x6738


then, file name will be:




and to inject you need to add into boot.plist






I don't know for sure if it is done this way... If this does not work, ask someone else how to inject the vbios.

You can also try EvOenabler if nothing works..


keep researching :)

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I've done it but it doesn't work. Any ideas how to put VBIOS into DSDT properly without Windows? Thanks FelipeZ anyway ;)

Make full Darwin Dumper or If I am not mistaken Clover also can exact Vbios from system by pressing on FX(don't remember 1.2.3.....)

See necessary button at the help, - F1.

Also give me your IOReg and your DSDT in my topic.

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