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launchd errno 8 kern_exec / panic

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something quite strange happened to me yesterday. as i do every once in a while i ran disk utility's repair disk function on the partition where i have 10.6.8, my main system. i had no problems or anything but i like to run it every once in a while.

disk utility showed an index error and wasn't able to fix it after 3 tries so i decided to format the partition and to just restore the last image i made. then the strange stuff began ...


booting the now clean system was no fun because right after leaving chameleon i got a nice, shiny kernel panic: launchd crashed with errno 8 inside kern_exec and the rest of the output said it happened during init.

not so thrilled about it i tried to boot my old partition with 10.5.8 which worked just fine. back there i figured i could restore an older backup of the same 10.6.8 installation i had which i did. funny enough it crashed with exactly the same error.

then i restored a backup of 10.8 just as a test and guess what? yep, exactly the same problem.

i further tried another disk with a different sata cable, at a different sata port and a different power cable just to make sure it's not a simple hardware issue but no dice either - exactly the same error again.


now i was a bit buffled because everything had the same problem except 10.5.8 which still was running perfectly fine. and as mentioned already i had no problems with 10.6.8 in any way before. only after restoring the image suddenly neither 10.6 nor 10.7 nor 10.8 wouldn't boot anymore and all crashed with exactly the same error and those backups i created from systems which were running just fine. i did that many times in the past and it always was fine except for now.



if anyone has an idea or any further info about this matter i'd be very grateful :-)

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