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Stuck in PCI configuration begin Iatkos l2 10.7.2


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its been so frustrating how to make it work with my system. here is my specs:


Mobo: intel dg41rq (updated bios)

Video card: sapphire 5750 1gb ddr5

ddr2 ram 2gb

320GB sata hardisk seagate

HP dvd DL dvdrw


its been a week now, still i couldnt find a solution. just stuck there in pci begin configuration. I tried all bootflags  from this forum. it seem nothing is working. I also have dsdt.aml for this mobo downloaded from osx.net.


need help experts. Just new to this hackintosh.. thanks!


i hav my dsdt.aml attach. maybe you can help me. I couldnt even install the osx.


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And just to confirm, you've tried using all of the following npci=0x2000, npci=0x3000, and you also might try PCIRootUID=X (Where x = 0 or 1)

yes, i mean everything...  my doubt, its on my video card.. its so frustrating..

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