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Links for the Weekend: October 1


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If you’ve ever wished to have as many video formats supported in Quicktime as VLC or Mplayer, then Perian’s Swiss Army Knife should get the job done… One alternative to Apple’s Aperture may be Adobe’s Lightroom. It’s currently in beta but a free download is available… Here’s a neat guide giving you a good list of ways to customize your Mac along with many plugins… We all know that it takes lots and lots of planning for Steve’s Keynotes, but here’s an interesting read on what all goes on before the big presentation… Another little piece of history of which most of us aren’t aware is the origin of the Mac startup sound (Listen). If you weren’t aware that the sound was created by the same man who worked on certain Jurassic Park sounds, you may be interested in this article.


If you’re still looking for that perfect iTunes skin, then take a look at Takuro’s own custom skin…One blog that seems to have quite a bit of interesting content is sanwer’s SWITCH! blog. It’s full of stuff that all Mac users may find interesting… And finally, here’s one more video compilation of the humor behind Steve and his Keynotes. “

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