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Parellel desktop will not install

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I downloaded Parrelel destop and it doesn't even install, it says my computer does not meet the requirement!

Does it have to do with my video card and my CPU?

Samething happen with MS Virtual PC

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1) A more correct title to this thread would be Parallels Desktop Won't Install


2) Try this:


- You downloaded "Parallels-Desktop-1922-Mac.dmg". Double-click it to mount it.

- Open the resulting virtual disk called "Parallels-Desktop-1922-Mac" found on your Desktop

- Drag the "Parallels-Desktop.pkg" to your Desktop where it will make a copy.

- Right-click on the copy of "Parallels-Desktop.pkg" file and select "Show Package Contents"

- Open the folders: Contents -> Resources

- Drag the file "InstallationCheck" to the Trash

- Double-click on the "Parallels-Desktop.pkg" on your Desktop and follow the installer prompts

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The issue here I believe is with the info.plist in the installer, right? It looks for a "GenuineIntel" processor, and AMD's aren't that.... So do this:


1) Download it

2) Mount the image

3) Launch Parallels.pkg... Ta-daaan! XD It says that you haven't a compatible system, in italian it says "Parallels non può essere installato in questo computer. Assicurati che il tuo sistema possieda i requisiti necessari.", in english "Parallels cannot be installed on this computer. Make sure that your system meets the requirements."

4) Copy Parallels.pkg on your desktop

5) Right click on it and choose "Show package contents"

6) Right click on "Contents", show informations and under "Ownership and permission" make you owner of it with a read/write access

7) Apply to enclosed items...

8) Open "Info.plist" with TextEdit and delete the follow:
















9) Save and exit

10) Go to Resources folder and delete InstallationCheck and pkmkshellutility

11) Exit and launch your modified Parallels.pkg

12) Install it! ^___^


^ The following was taken from a post: http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?s=&...ost&p=90226 ^

Please use search next time, there were multiple results for me.


-Hope this helps,


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