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Deleting mac os x base system


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firstly i installed niresh os x 10.8.2 along with windows 7. It worked perfectly but showed boot 0 error. i tried a few things but to no help. so i opened windows 7 and formatted the partition containing hackintosh but still the problem remained. when i opened the disk utility present in the hackintosh bootable disk it showed that the mac os x base system was stilll there. please tell me how to remove it or fix the error??


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i recommend you, install "macdrive" in windows, this is the most simple.



or other


Here are the steps. Commands without the word "type" and without the double quote marks.
1] go to run, type "cmd" -> Enter
2] type "diskpart" -> Enter
3] type "list disk" -> Enter

It will generate an output of all the physical disks available on your system.
Say the partition you want to delete it is on disk 1, and there is more than 1 physical HDD in your PC, then you would have Disk 0 -> Windows Disk, Disk 1, 2, 3, so on and so forth. And, for the next command you need to type:

4] type "sele disk (disk #)"
sele disk 1
5] type "list part"

It will generate an output of all the partitions on that disk. Size, Label, Offset, FileSystem Type, etc.
If you have more than one disk, check for a particular partition that will be listed as "Unknown" in its file system type column. There isn't any label of the column, but as others will be "NTFS", you can easily see it.
Now, note which partition is it? 

All partitions will be listed beginning as Partition 0, Partition 1, Partition 2, and so on and so forth.
Say your OSX installation is on the first, i.e. Partition 0, then:
6] type "sele part 0" -> Enter = selects the partition for performing deletion or other functions.
7] type "dele part" -> Enter = deletes the partition without confirmation!
8] type "list part" -> Enter = this will list remaining partitions, for confirming that you deleted the OSX partition
9] type "exit" -> Enter = this will quit diskpart 
10] type "exit" -> Enter = this will quit the command prompt.

Freaky Chokra

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after installing macdrive i tried to format the partition containing Mac os x but it shows error macdrive has protected mac disk. what should i do?


P.S i haven't tried the other method as i find it tricky and don't want to mess around with Windows 7

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