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Clover booting native installer via UEFI, Kernel Panic on postinstall on bless invocation

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Acer Aspire 5742G laptop

i5 nehalem (laptop produced oct 2009)

ddr3 1066MHz 4GB (2x2GB)

arrandale MCH

geforce 420m with 1024MB vram (discrete graphics only, intel graphics on cpu disabled by mobo)


using clover r1942

http://files.rajko.info/config.plist clover config

http://files.rajko.info/original_dsdt.zip original dsdt


UEFI version clover is booted on: 2.00 InsydeH2O so im using OsxLowMemFixDrv, not AptioFix

Slight graphical corruption on the bottom 5 lines, and on a rectangle bottom right (permuted boxes getting blit?)

nspci=0x3000 doesnt seem to do anything if it's even enabled

I have BusSpeed set to 133000 in config.plist of clover because that's the value both CloverEFI and UEFI-run clover detect (should it be 133333 ?)


Used injected kexts: FakeSMC.kext (from HWSensors_rev720_Release_10.6.tar.lzma), NullCPUPowerManagement.kext, VoodooPS2Controller.kext (without which i have no kb/mouse support on laptop)


Problem: http://i.imgur.com/iwqyqWs.jpg

bless shouldn't really do anything, should it ?


Maybe suggest me some DSDT fix bits to set ? I could have them as 0, or just HPET, but enabling Warning fix makes it fail on initial darwin boot with : 'unable to find driver for this platform ACPI'. Also, even though clover wiki says it's harmless if enabled, PatchAPIC set to true makes it hang after AppleAPIC... CPU listing thing

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Thanks, that made it reboot instead of panic there, and i got the boot entry to resume installation now (it panics immediately after, but i can try fixing that tomorrow)

The reason i thought i didn't need EmuVariable driver is because my firmware already has that DXE module, should i try and replace it in my firmware so that i don't need the driver in clover ? Here's the version i got in my firmware: http://files.rajko.info/CBD2E4D5-7068-4FF5-B866-9822B4AD8D60.efi

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I had to copy kexts to inject to 'Other' folder, not just 10.8

I guess 1st stage installer (from the dmg file) is considered 10.8, but 2nd stage is Other (didnt really find info about that)

Now installation is proceeding, will see what happens next

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