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Notebook buying advice?

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I'm new here, and this would be my first post. 

I am not sure if this would be the right place to post it, but here it goes.

I already have a hackintosh nice and running that I built last year, and it works great, and blows many of the latest Mac's out of the water, for half the price! 

But now, I need a laptop as I wouldn't be having my hackintosh desktop anymore, and I do not want to spend a huge pile of money on a MacBook. 

I have hardly a week at hand, and as I do not live in the US, getting a wireless card to replace the internal one wouldn't really be an option for me. 

I am looking for something that wouldn't require me to replace any of the hardware it comes with, and has some documentation and guides for hackintoshing it, so I wouldn't have to spend a lot of time messing around myself. 

So I need something with QECI and full resolution support, sound, wifi, and anything else that I might be missing out on, except for bluetooth, it isn't really a necessity. 

And my budget is around $600. 

Hope you guys can help me.


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You could look at HP Pro Book 4x30 series as these have been hacked and have a following.


However you should consider a MBP if you need OS X on a portable device.  If it is just for amusement you can go with a hacked laptop; however if your income depends on the laptop, get a real Apple.  I have several hacked laptops but I carry a 2012 rMBP that is maxed out and it is a 100% performer with no excuses.




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I have a ASUS k53sv core i7 with HD3000 and Nvidia Optimus. I've been using it with OSX, Windows 7 and Ubuntu. Unfortunately you won't get Optimus to work on OSX since there is no KEXT for it nor does Nvidia plans to release the code from the othere KEXTS so someone could adapt to this model.


All the stuff was done by kexts and services available on OSXLatitude forum.

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