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Macbook OS X 10.8 Problem

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Hey guys i'm new to the Forum and i never had a problem with my mac since now... so i'm needing some help.


My Macbook suddendly stopped booting, while the grey screen is ON he goes down for no reason.

After some research i discovered my HDD is failing and i needed a new one. So i installed a new hard drive on it.

My problema now is that i need to install OS X on it... since i didn't had it on DVD i ended up downloading a torrent with a .DMG on it ...


Since my other computer is a Windows one i installed transmac on it and tried to make a bootable usb pen with it... but i'm having no luck since i can't boot it up from the USB disk.


What am i doing wrong? is there any other way to do this?


Thanks in advance,

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If it's a REAL Macbook you need to use a retail ISO.

USB should be formatted using GUID/HFS+.

Plugin the USB prior to booting, power on and hold down the Apple Option key, select your USB device. If the USB is not listed than your USB is not properly formatted or the image is not readable.

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