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Can't detect Intel Raid 0 drives after install 10.8.4

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Hey Gents,


I hope you can help me with this issue of mine.


My motherboard which is a P8Z77-V Pro sports an ICH10r fake-raid controller (not sure if ICH10r) has 6 intel ports and 2 marvell ports.  


My Intel Ports are set to Raid since I have my Windows and Backup Drives set to it.  


Now, I just used one of the Marvell Ports for my Mountain Lion which installed perfectly.


Only Problem is it does not detect any of my Intel Drives after the install --- even in diskutil.


I've done my research and most of them point into using a 3rd party app to view those drives.


I was hoping to have some sort of a native support (or hack) like a working hacked AppleAHCIport.kext to view those.


I tried some AppleAHCIports already but it does not work and might only work in 10.8.2.


I have 10.8.4 though which does not work "waiting for root device".


Suggestions would be awesome!



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If the drives are in RAID configuration (that is not as JBOD), OS X will not recognise such a RAID, as it is a software RAID (as most on-board RAIDs). There is an appropriate driver for both Linux and Windows, but AFAIK there are no OS X drivers.


If you need a good reliable RAID, steer clear of on-board RAIDs and get a true hardware PCI/PCI-E RAID card.

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