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  1. Making Geforce Gt640 working in Haswell

    I have the same exact problem with an MSI GT 640. It works OOB but it gives random freezes! A GT 610 works fine. This issues happens both in Chameleon and Clover .. EFI and Legacy. Nvidia Web Drivers and Vanilla both have the same issue.
  2. Hey Gents, I hope you can help me with this issue of mine. My motherboard which is a P8Z77-V Pro sports an ICH10r fake-raid controller (not sure if ICH10r) has 6 intel ports and 2 marvell ports. My Intel Ports are set to Raid since I have my Windows and Backup Drives set to it. Now, I just used one of the Marvell Ports for my Mountain Lion which installed perfectly. Only Problem is it does not detect any of my Intel Drives after the install --- even in diskutil. I've done my research and most of them point into using a 3rd party app to view those drives. I was hoping to have some sort of a native support (or hack) like a working hacked AppleAHCIport.kext to view those. I tried some AppleAHCIports already but it does not work and might only work in 10.8.2. I have 10.8.4 though which does not work "waiting for root device". Suggestions would be awesome! Thanks!
  3. Geforce GT 610 - OOB in 10.8.2?

    at 4pm EST today, the GT 620 will be on sale on newegg for $14 after rebate. What are your thoughts about the GT 620 over 610 (about osx compatibility). Thanks!
  4. Geforce GT 610 - OOB in 10.8.2?

    Hey Guys, I'm just wondering if the GT 610 video card will work out of the box from 10.8.2? I'm setting up a hackintosh for my parents and will send it overseas. As much as possible, I don't want to have to tell my dad to type and edit some kext files If not, what would be a very cheap video card I can use? Will the Geforce 210 be more friendly? Thanks!
  5. Realtek ALC3202

    I'm also looking for the same thing. I'm just wondering, did you find a driver?
  6. HD4000 full acceleration for 10.8 / 10.7.5

    Hey Guys, I extracted my DSDT from Linux, from DSDTSE, and from Windows 7 and all of them does not contain either GFX0 or IGPU in the whole DSDT. WTH? Is that normal? Should I add an IGPU entry (from first post)? I currently have a Lenovo T430s that has an Intel HD 4000 + NVS 5200M together.
  7. Intel HD 4000 + NVS 5200M

    Thanks for the reply. I actually don't mind using the nvidia card ever. I'm fine with HD 4000. I'll give it a try. thanks! EDIT: That EFI string is for the nvidia card or the intel hd?
  8. Intel HD 4000 + NVS 5200M

    Hey Guys, I got a Lenovo T430S which has Intel HD 4000 + Nvidia NVS 5200M in it. So far, I've searched the interwebz and found nothing useful for the HD 4000 FOR LAPTOPS (desktops seems easy). I'm really used to desktops and the last time I installed a hackintosh in a laptop was like 3-4 years ago. Could someone please point me to the right direction on making Intel HD 4000 work on a laptop? Is the Nvidia NVS 5200M working in OSX as well? I really am hoping I could get QE/CI on either those videocards. I would make a guide as soon as I make it work! Thanks
  9. Can I run OSX (Lion or Mountain Lion) on a Thinkpad T430?

    Hey 2014, Did you manage to make it run? I have a T430S (it has Intel HD 4000 + Nvidia Optimus NVS 5200M) and I can't seem to make it work.
  10. 10.6.8 officially released

    Ok, this issue of mine was solved by reverting back IOPCIFamily and AppleAPCIPlatform kexts as was suggested in the eariler post :censored2: Do we have to wait for an updated kexts for these? Its kinda weird because previous updates, I never had this issue. I wonder what was changed with those kexts. BTW, make sure you use BOTH kexts, repair and rebuild permissions and you should be done. Thanks again.
  11. 10.6.8 officially released

    I also got have a G31m-ES2L and I tried updating to 10.6.8, however, I get a kernel panic in normal boot. The kernel panic is something like this: (there are some more info here but I will not type it) Kernel Extensions in backtrace (with dependencies): org.slice.driver.FakeSMCRadeon(1.0)@0x55b8e000->0x55b92fff dependency: org.netkas.FakeSMC(2.7.2)@0x55b02000 dependency: com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily(2.6.5)@0x55b02000 (some more text here) I can boot to safe mode fine. I have an ATI Radeon 4550 which works fine with the previous versions. I've already added my device ids (ATI4600Controller.kext) and as a matter of fact, when I'm in safe mode, my resolutions are detected properly. BTW, my framebuffer is Peregrine. I've used this FakeSMC: http://www.projectosx.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=1206 (this is what I've been using ever since) I've rebuilt cache still nogo. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Intel HD Graphics / GMA 5700

    That's good news. Thank you for sharing.
  13. Geforce 460GTX Supported!

    I now have a EVA GTX 460 786mb SC and tried running osx and it works. QE/CI, resolution and etc. Got two problems though. 1) Random Freezes. Usually when idle. Read Tonymac's forums and found out that running a movie in loop on the background fixes the issue. So it could be that when it is a low/idle state, freezes occur (at least, what people are suspecting). 2) Smoothness. I also have an ATI 4550 and in terms of basic tasks like minimizing, maximizing, hovering icons from the dock, it is smoother. The GTX 460 gets choppy. Especially when Minimizing, you could notice the choppiness when doing it. When I do it on my ATI 4550, its like liquid smoothness. I know that GTX 460 should be better because it is way way powerful compared to my ATI card. Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!
  14. Gigabyte HD4550 and Sapphire HD4670

    Unfortunately, my video card does not have a VGA output because I use low profile. However, I've tried connecting DVI to VGA via an adapter and I can't make it to work. My HDMI cable is on its way from monoprice.com so I can't test HDMI right now. Regarding editing the plist, you don't usually edit it to make other outputs work. You usually have to try different framebuffers by compiling your own chameleon boot file. You have to edit ati.c and change your framebuffer, save it, then compile. I can't find any guide, but you can try this: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1406122
  15. Gigabyte HD4550 and Sapphire HD4670

    For your Gigabyte HD4550, are you using DVI? If you are using DVI to DVI, I might be able to help you. Also, is this the HD4550 that you have? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...5-337-_-Product EDIT: I just read your "P.S", it seems you only want to run this in VGA. Let me see what I can do. I can only run this in DVI to DVI ATM.