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Need help with proper kext editing injecting etc. for NV GTX770M on Sager Laptop

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 I'm doing a build on a Sager custom "gaming" notebook - for portable/travelling audio/logic pro work station (I'm a film/tv composer).  This is a beast - 6 core i7 3.5 ghz with 32gb ram installed 3 ssds for samples, etc.  


I was finally able to get an upgrade to 10.8.4 working using v2 Pandora's box post install -

I could use some HELP post-install as I'm relatively green at hacking, and trying to sort out video issues.  The card is an Nvda GT`X 770m with 3gb ram.  When I booted into the native 10.8.4 drivers after upgrading from 10.8.3, I can ONLY get video from the attached DVI output on the main board to an external monitor.  I had almost given up, but thanks to the Pandora's box option to "remove the nvda kexts", I was back to at least seeing the internal display again, but of course the card is not fully supported, only shows 7mb ram and acceleration, etc. broken.  


BUT the interal display is properly "seen" and funcioning  (it was completely BLACK with the native 10.8.4 Nvdia kexts installed). 


The only way I was able to get a OSX86 install to work on this motherboard, which is a "custom" sager intel board (with very little bios control over the hardware) was to use iAtkos ML 10.8.3  UEFI Clover boot install.  So now, I'm hoping I can get the full nvida support via kext editing... or proper injection? -  (as best I can understand) Clover kind of hijacks the Chameleon boot loader part of started up and is not editable..??  Any expert ideas appreciated! Also implied in this question are how to get the proper addressing to the Video Outputs of the machine as well for you EXPERT GENIUSes here   thanks!!


I can try manually adding back nvdia kexts one by one.  Of course the IDEAL situation would be to have the card work and addressing BOTH the internal display on the Sager Notebook, and the external DVI and HDMI outputs wired in..


Ive already fixed networking (via a new card) and USB/PS2 stuff, batter level, and (I think) sleep/wake.


Sager Notebook   OSX 10.8.4 Atheros wlan, Nvda GTX 770M 3gb 32GG ram installed   i7-3970X  

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