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    Driver for LSI MegaRAID SAS family

    Privet! Are you using OP driver? Also, I see all those cards are quite expensive, is there something under $200? Thanks!
  2. Hello guys! Hope I'm in the right section if not please move it! Guys, I'm working with video, big files, need a raid pci-e card with min 4 ports, better 8 and future OS upgrade. I'm on Mojave. Have no idea if I need drivers or some web interface would be enough. Please help!
  3. Hey guys! Any of you have the problem with nvidia PM? I have a quadro m3000m and the freqs stuck at max. Really annoing since it a notebook and fan is always at max so a lot of noise! Or maybe there is a way (after years of web drivers) to enable native support? Thanks!
  4. To mods: please move this topic if the section is wrong! Hi guys! On my second rig I had this continuous panics, it is impossible to work! Need some help to diagnose my problem: I suppose there are some reasons of panics: - Nvidia web drivers bug; - Sierra bug; - both; - dsdt; - hardware. Anyone have had such panics? I can provide all needed info! Thanks!
  5. Rikoshet

    prove altro processore KP

    Non hai detto se hai messo VoodooTSCSync o no! Cmq credo il problema e' relativo al tuo DSDT, in specifico che riguarda la parte CPU!
  6. Rikoshet

    prove altro processore KP

    Devi spiegare cosa hai fatto. Hai semplicemente sostituito la cpu? Aggiungi nella firma is SO che hai/usi! Hai clover o chameleon? Usi VoodooTSCSync o no? Prova aggiungerlo (per il tuo numero di core) nella folder delle tue extensions! Insomma, piu' info! Se no, perdiamo tutti il tempo a chiederti cose che dovevi fornire!
  7. Rikoshet

    RX480 on Sierra now recognized.

    Hello guys! Any news here? I have to upgrade and was looking at rx480 but I cant plug a monitor to igpu since I have xeon cpu... Any help?
  8. Thank you Brumbaer! After updating to Sierra the ssdt from Pike's script don't work anymore and since I have the xeon e5-2695 v3 ES I was not able to make it work anymore, this means high temps and power consumption! With your kext I'm fine now! Thank you again!
  9. Hey man! You said no word about VoodooTSCSync.kext! You must use it! Just edit the plist inside putting your number of threads-1 (minus 1). In my case, 14core xeon e5-2695 v3, I've used 28-1=27 and it works!
  10. Hey man! Any progress on it? I have the same problem with ga-x99m board and 2695 v3 CPU... Thank you!
  11. Rikoshet

    Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    Why not starting in this section? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/forum/459-osx86-1010-yosemite/
  12. Rikoshet

    Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    Yes, sorry, was busy! Uploading it now. Inside Patched folder I have a bunch of various DSDTs, you can start by using DSDT.aml-without any GPU injection, it must work with nvda_drv=1. I hope you know where in Config.plist you put the name of DSDT you want to use!
  13. Rikoshet

    Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    I can share with you my content of EFI partition. To install use one of many guides! Give me your email. Don't forget to update us! Harold is disappeared. ... Nvidia card works with web drivers. Advice : start with installing Yosemite 10.10.3 cause with 10.10.4 web drivers don't work. Will answer you on Sunday, tomorrow I'm busy. Btw, after a year I'm selling my Clevo with 2 hd7970m, someone interested in?
  14. Rikoshet

    Hackintosh in SAGER NP9370

    It never was a problem for me once I had my Clover files! The only problem now is my new gtx 970m, won't give me a video signal on LCD or monitors...
  15. Correct config is mandatory! You can try deleting all signs of your GPU from DSDT and in config.plist under Graphics put ATI = Yes, read Ckover manual first!
  16. I know! Start to patching connectors k follow some guides!
  17. White/black/purple does not metter, you have to patch your connectors! Do it! It's time consuming so go! But, patching connectors is useless if you have not amd kexts loaded! So again, put ioregexplorer on desktop, restart, once you are on desktop hit I (be sure you have only this file starting with I on desktop ) hut command + O to open it, hit command+ S to save a file, hit Enter to save it, then reboot without amd kext! Thus way yiu can know if all kexts are loaded.... And patch your connectors! You haven't Apple hardware so you have to do some work to getting it working!
  18. From mine picture you can see you missed some amd files loading.... Even if you have screens black you MUST have amd kexts loaded! And then....patching connectors!
  19. 1. to be sure, insert your ID's in all needed kexts 2. dual mirror display does not mean acceleration, you need all kexts loaded 3. where you specify FB name? I can't see it in your config.plist&DSDT! 4. “Antilles Family” is just a name, forget about it! 5. "i know my 6990,its actually 2x6850"- your 6990 is actually 2x6970, check wiki! 6. flashing may be an option, I see you have switchable bios (wiki) 7. "even when it has Duckweed marked on config.plist"-again, your config.plist does not contain FBname!
  20. Well, if kexts are loaded your problem are connectors! Just follow some tuts!
  21. You are right, Desktop or Mobility! Sorry! Can you save in blind mode your ioreg? I did it with black screen! Wait till desktop load, then hit "i" (I have ioregexplorer on desktop), then hit command+O to open it, then hit command+S to save it somewhere, and then hit Enter! You done! Reboot without amd drivers and check if in saved file amd drivers was loaded, if so, your problem is patching connectors! Good luck!
  22. Well, this topik is for mobile cards! You are in wrong place, buddy! Anyway, you need to insert your ID's into couple of kexts (or maybe use clover FakeID option), choose your frame-buffer personality (maybe googling a little, someone has your card working, no?) AND finally be sure you don't need to patch your connectors! I think this is your problem!
  23. Both should work fine like in my case: 2x 7970m! Even more, for now I have one 7970m and one gtx 970m, both work fine!
  24. If you could be so gentle to say what to test and try...