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kernel panic with AppleAHCIport/ IOAHCIfamily

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i have a problem to install osx on my notebook, i have tried some version of mac (ideneb,iatkosv3, l2,leo4all, ecc ecc) but with all i have kernel panic when start the installation, i have tried all flags to start but nothing the problem is always the same! i have already disabled uefi, but nothing.

pls help me!  :help:  :help:  :help:

my hardware is:

cpu: Intel pentium 2020M 2.40Ghz dual core, socket 988b rpga, SSE 2 /3 /4.1 /4.2,EMT64,VT-x

chipset: intel HM70 Express ivy bridge

graphic: Intel HD graphic (i can't find more information)


this is a screenshot of the kernel panic:




thanks :)

sorry fo my english

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I'm sorry the PS2 isnt the issue, my apologies, it's the IOPCIFamily and IOAHCIFamily.

Restore that trackpad kext and find patches for those 2 kexts. You are booting with BIOS set to AHCI mode right?

no :( because my kernel not have the settings for this, i have searched everywhere for a mod but nothing, now is in IDE mode, i don't know how to change isn't any method to install osx with IDE mode? 

thank you very much for your help :)

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