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[GUIDE] XPS M1710 Snow and possibly Lion i386 only


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hello everyone.! i recently was tasked with hackintoshin Dell XPS M1710 and found very little info on DSDT and wake and SHUTDOWN for this specific model so i borrowed mostly from other same era Dell laptops and i bring


XPS M1710 bios A07 Snow 10.6.8 sleep wake shutdown fixed method


u ask why 32 bit only ? Nvidia 7xxx has no driver for 64 bit past 10.6.2


this guide is not for novice but they should have not many problems (or i can assist)

i assume u have a working OSX environment to make USB Snow Leo 10.6.0 or 10.6.3 from disk utility restore tab source OSX Install Disk to Destination USB GUID partition formated HFS+

install chameleon 2.x

then put this Extra folder in root.


you will need USB mouse and keyboard until setup is finished then use kext wizard to install the voodoops2 to System Library Extensions (along with other kexts)


once u finished install go ahead and copy the /Extra to the HDD then install latest chameleon 2.x.

remove the Extensions folder and install all kexts in S/L/E folder to the System/Library/Extensions  NOT /Extra with kext wizard or similar utility.

heres the files u will need



what it has:

/Extra/SMBIOS.plist of macbookpro5,1


S/L/E/ ALL Kexts needed after install (no sleepenabler)


shutdown and sleep is working if u change (in terminal)

sudo touch /var/vm/sleepimage

sudo rm /var/vm/sleepimage

pmset hibernatemode 0

bios settings default work but u need to turn off Parallel and Serial ports and enable Virtualization.


what i fixed in DSDT .. a lot (will update when i have time) but main things i did was fix Shutdown with

Method (_PTS, 1, NotSerialized)
        If (LEqual (Arg0, 0x05)) {}
            SMI (0x8A, Arg0)

found this _PTS at slice's Clover bootloader thread


the M1530 has a similar shutdown fix but not exactly same.

i also removed the Device (AZAL) _PWR section as it was causing issues for me in other dell laptops for shutdown (inspiron 1520 intel video card)


the Nvidia was injected from m1530 8600 DSDT but i fixed nvcap i think.. nibitor and nvcap maker.


what doesnt work.

monitor sleep, it returns gray vertical lines screen like wrong output selected. (system sleep ok and wakes LCD fine with no gray lines or problem)

intel wifi.. replace with with AR5B91-X works in 10.6.3+ OOB or BCM94321MC

LAN BCM5752 is unstable especially with large files like torrents its driver version 2.3.4 .. compiling 2.3.5 soon for 32 bit from adlan BMC5722D thread

this was a quick guide.. so feel free to ask questions ( i might not reply same day as i am not very active lately)

 in near future i will make DSDT patch  for dsdt Editor and post it here.

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Thanks LatinMcG; came across a free XPS M1710 its still a good basic machine; 10.6.8 installation was simple based on your instructions.  


I'm going to upgrade to 4GB (only ~3GB usable in 32bit mode) and also give 10.7+ a go when I have some time





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