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Mouse not working correctly

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Hi All,


I've recently installed 10.8.3 on my system and I'm getting some odd behaviour regarding the mouse cursor. 


It's hard to explain and I might have to upload a video to demonstrate it fully, but in essence the finder and dock are not responding properly to the mouse cursor. 


For example: when I put the cursor over the dock it doesn't expand like it should, it only works if I grab a dock icon and move it around and if I click a docked icon the dock will expand and stay fully expanded until I click elsewhere.


Also if I click an option on the finder bar, the apple icon for instance, when i pull the cursor over the menu it doesn't highlight the option or go into a sub menu unless I'm holding the mouse button down.


Has anyone else experienced this? And if so is there a workaround?


My mouse is correctly identified in system profiler as a rat7.

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