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Need my coverup tattoo edited.

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Well, i have this tattoo on my shoulder, the "artist" that tattoo'd it, did a horrible job...

So it has to be covered up, but i would like to stick to my original design, which i unfortunately, do not have anymore. 


The fail that is on my back: 


The orignal image: 




My edit, of how i somehow would like it to be: 



I'm not good at editing images. What i would like, is something like my edit, with a bit more shadows, the red glow, the black and red should overlap each other a bit, and perhaps some white (as in sparkle/glow) to bring the eye more to the front. It should overlap the old tattoo, since it is really bad, it should not be a problem :P

The background may be filled with a grey tint, but i could also explain that at the tattoo shop, just need a good design.


I hope my wish is clear, if any questions, let me know. 

And thanks in advance if someone decides to make the effort of editing :)

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