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Quadro NVS 290 Support


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Guys as i have a stubborn AMD card that is just way to much of a hassle to get it working on Mountaion Lion/Mavericks, i started looking if there is a cheap solution to this problem and i found: Quadro NVS 290. Its a G86 core, DMS-59 connector (splitter for 2 DVI signals), multi-monitor support and its needs only PCIe x1 and i was wondering: Does the current OSX support G86 and are there any indications that they are going to drop it any time soon. As well as would i get QE/CI and some sort of support for OpenCL?


And in particular what should i use, to make it run: NVEnabler, Injection (as DSDT edits rarely mention Quadro or connector type like DMS-59)?

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