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Dual Monitor Troubles

Enesha Fairluck

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Morning all.  I have spent the last few days trying my google-fu and I am stumped.


I have a GeForce G100 with 256 megs, it has a DVi and HDMI connectors.  Yes I know it is a very underpowered card.  Just happens to be the one I have here with dual outputs.  With windows I can get both outputs to work, and have dual monitor no problem.  However OSX seems to hate it.  It startes to boot just fine, then when it tries to go to the desktop both monitors go blank.


One monitor is just fine, and it doesn't matter if it is the HDMI or the DVI.  Justwhen I try to do both, that both monitors go blank.  Even after it goes blank, if I unplug the second monitor, Presto it works. 


I tried some posts on making a plist and device property string.  Still no love, hut I can boot without GE now, so that's a plus :)


When making the nvidia plist I can set the ram properly, but I get in trouble with the interface part.  Best I can do for outputs is DVI/DVI.  Thought I saw someone post that.  Failing that does someone know the string to go DVI/HDMI?


hope I can get some help, I am really stumped here.




Added afterwards - Forgot to mention that I am using 10.8.3  Havent been daring enough to install 10.8.4 yet :)

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