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  1. DSDT Compile errors on unmodified file

    Good Evening I am starting to try and edit my dsdt. Before I get started with patches, I wanted to get rid of any errors in a clean compile. However I am just lost lol. When I try and compile my clean dsdt.dsl (extracted via clover f4) I get several hundred errors. Most of them are along the lines of: 709, 4064, Object does not exist (LNKA) Referencing this section : Name (PR00, Package (0x25) { Package (0x04) { 0x0001FFFF, Zero, LNKA, Zero }, This goes on and on with LNKA,B,C,D,E,F over and over There are a few others but any help would be apprecited They won't let me attach he file for some reason, but it is at : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BygBzuX-TGAyRHNqb2dhZzRuZU0 Thanks *Solved* I'm a moron. Nawcom pointed out that I was no using iasl 6.1. I thought I had previously thought I got maciasl and iasl from rehabmans repo, but I suppose I'm a moron lol. Thanks for Nawcom for his wonderful help.
  2. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Well that would certainly explain it. Yeah it does list as pcie fe. dcpi manager keeps suggesting I go back to AppleRTL8169 (which i've never tried) Or is there something better you can steer me to? And thanks for the speedy reply:) ***Fixed*** Never Mind I got a copy of a kext from http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/286937-realtekr1000-v3/ Looks like it was SL but maybe they recompiled it. The src is available but I didn't mess with it. Plugged it in and the card came right up. Never going to use it i'm sure but it's a nice thing to have. {censored} they only gave me fast ethernet, but I have ac wifi which is way better for my purposes anyway. Thanks again:)
  3. New Driver for Realtek RTL8111

    Hey all Thanks Mieze for all the work on this driver. Who knew it would be such work lol. With that being said, it *almost* works for me. I see that you say it should support the 8106e/8111G as of the 2.2.1 driver, but the id in the kext is 8168:10ec when my device is 8136:10ec. I did add that device id to the plist, but this is what it gives on boot : Ethernet [RealtekRTL8111]: TCP/IPv6 segmentation offload enabled. Ethernet [RealtekRTL8111]: TCP/IPv6 checksum offload enabled. Ethernet [RealtekRTL8111]: Version 2.2.1 using interrupt mitigate value 0xcf58. Please don't support tonymacx86.com! Ethernet [RealtekRTL8111]: Disable PCIe ASPM. unknown chip version (44800000) unknown chip version (44800000) I believe that's the only sections relevant. Any thoughts? It's a latop wired card so obviously won't get much use, but it would be nice to have it working
  4. Dual Monitor Troubles

    Morning all. I have spent the last few days trying my google-fu and I am stumped. I have a GeForce G100 with 256 megs, it has a DVi and HDMI connectors. Yes I know it is a very underpowered card. Just happens to be the one I have here with dual outputs. With windows I can get both outputs to work, and have dual monitor no problem. However OSX seems to hate it. It startes to boot just fine, then when it tries to go to the desktop both monitors go blank. One monitor is just fine, and it doesn't matter if it is the HDMI or the DVI. Justwhen I try to do both, that both monitors go blank. Even after it goes blank, if I unplug the second monitor, Presto it works. I tried some posts on making a plist and device property string. Still no love, hut I can boot without GE now, so that's a plus When making the nvidia plist I can set the ram properly, but I get in trouble with the interface part. Best I can do for outputs is DVI/DVI. Thought I saw someone post that. Failing that does someone know the string to go DVI/HDMI? hope I can get some help, I am really stumped here. Thanks. Added afterwards - Forgot to mention that I am using 10.8.3 Havent been daring enough to install 10.8.4 yet
  5. solution for ibm s51 ethernet

    Go over to the network driver forum. This is Graphics, you probably won't get a reply here:)
  6. My OSX86 and Windows 7 dualboot method.

    Win 7 Makes a 100 meg "System" partition. When I tried placing X on first, the Win 7 install would do nasty things to the beginning of the mac driver and would be unbootable. I was able to get it working by: Install Win 7 in beginning of drive, partition the space you want for mac there as fat. Install X in to the extra partition you made. Should work fine When you reboot, you will see three drives in Chameleon. Your mac, Win and the 100meg "System Reserved" Choose what you want from Chameleon and go for it
  7. ESS Audio - Laptop Help

    Good morning all - I have been searching for this for a few days, but I just can't seem to find the answer. I have a slightly older laptop here, it's a micron pc transport gx3, and I am having some difficulty with sound. The graphics, onboard ethernet and wireless intel 2200bg all are working fine (still need to do the fixes for quartz on the video, but that's a minor problem I just can't seem to get the audio working. lspci utils shows ESS es198S Maestro Audio - 125d:199a. Searching on these forums and google didn't seem to come up with any useful information. I even tried a modified AppleAC97Audio because the board seems to be an intel 845 chipset with either ICH2 or 4 according to the intel website. Thanks in advance for any thoughts on this. I can live without sound, but I'd rather not
  8. Dell XPS 200 Intel 945 Graphics

    Morning All:) Well after some more reading, I tried simply deleting all AppleIntel kext's. So now I have video and can log into the machine normally. No LAN yet, but that is another fight, heh. What I would like to do though is use a driver for the video and maybe get some better performance. My copy of X has kext's for the 915 and 950. I tried changing the 5 number card id with the one for my cars (2772) but that still won't load the kext properly. Anyone have thoughts on that? Thanks!
  9. Dell XPS 200 Intel 945 Graphics

    Good Morning All I've been reading up for some time about OSX on Intel from here. I haven't had much luck installing it as of yet, but I just ended up with a new computer, so I thought that I would give it another try. I downloaded the 10.4.6 goatsecx (or something like that) image from the usual sources. Wonder of Wonders, the disc worked, and the OS installed. However it seems to have some trouble with the video. Here are the specs for the computer: Dell XPS 200 2.8g Pentium D 1G 533mhz Ram Sigmatel Audio (Haven't tested that yet) onboard ethernet (also haven't tested) Onboard Intel 945 Graphics Adapter (BIOS allows either 1 or 8 megs of Video Ram - it's set to 8 right now) SATA HD (works fine so far) So here's the trouble....When I boot the computer normally after the install, there is something seriosuly wrong with the video. I can see that it is trying to work, and is obviously displaying things, as many blue or white rectangles appear on the screen, but nothing that I can identify. The truly frustrating part is that the video seems to work fine when I start the machine in safe mode. (-x) In Safe Mode, System Profiler lists VRAM at 256 Megs. While booting, it does comment on video "family specific matching failed. There is no kext for 945, only AppleIntel915 and AppleIntel950 kext files. I hope that someone on here has some ideas, as I really want to move to X Thanks for your help!