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Accidental re-partition of hard drive. Please help.

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Hi all,

I struggled to find an appropriate section for this - Hopefully someone here can help.



It's pretty simple.

I had a USB 160gb HDD.


One partition occupied the whole disk. Settings were MBR, FAT. (32? whatever osx formats as when you pick FAT).



I accidentally click the drive in disk utility, went to the partition tab, selected '1 partition' and hit apply.

Options were MBR, FAT.

I know, sounds like a hell of an accident! lol. I just picked the wrong drive.



Anyway, I haven't touched the drive since.


I took a little flash drive and recreated the balls up so I could non destructively test out some recovery software.

Everything I've tried claims to restore deleted partitions, but so far none of them do.


Can anyone help?

Many thanks.

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Thanks for that.

I gave it a blast but it's only recognising (by name) my new partition.

I'm running a scan of the partition anyway but it's not looking good.


Am I done for?

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try the data rescue suite for mac os x, it may rescue entire partitions.

They are all listed at macupdates - make sure you dont put it on drive that you wanna rescue


Also mac data recovery guru is good for files. I happen to have a regged ver and I think its good.

I can help you some I think if u are totally stuck.


I also read you have the nvinject sources + natit - that used to be at nvinject.free.fr as source code


here is a picture http://archive.is/xiE8g of the contents that used to be. do you have any of these?

I cant get highest rez on my card.

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