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iOS 7 Beta 3 Released - 7/8/13 10:00am PST

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I was reading the changelog and it seems like the iPhone 4 took the axe on a lot of animations in the third seed since the CPU is older so that most likely contributed to the smoother performance than in Seed 2.

Gotcha... well forget the animations then! I'd rather have performance over silly animations. I don't notice any difference other than speed! :)

Beta 3 is definitely better rather than previous one. And taking into account that beta 2 totally killed all my data.

It was warking a few and after I had got cyclical reboot which can go to endless and farther.

As a consequence, I had to switch to DFU mode. Had restored iOS 6.1.3 and after set up iOS 7 beta 3.

I could not restore my data in iOS 6 as iCloud back-up was made at iOS 7.

And on IOS 7 I needed in password of some developers.

As a result, I've lost part of my important data and can't get it back

There was such a story.

I had to make a screenshot with that so as to show you. But it really demanded to enter the password from strange account, if you chose iCloud recovery. Tell more exactly how it was from my memory.

....reach specific point of iCloud recovery, enter your login and password, after, choosing renewal point. And after, that garbage show you strange email and suggest to enter the password which you don't know


I don't know actually how I was stuck in boot loop. But previously, I had been wandering at time zone settings, switched off my iPad.

After a while, switched on and got the boot loop.


Thanks goodness, I save part of my data. When it was in boot loop, it was able to connected to ITunes, from that I touched all my necessary data and saved it to the laptop.

The only kind of data which I can't restore is data from Upad. I have big fdb file from that program and when I put it into with the help of iTunes, upad doesn't see the action. And all of the iCloud renewal points disappeared to nowhere.

I can't find a program which is able to open fdb at computer.

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