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Hack-Beginner needs Help...

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i am new to Hackintosh and i need some help -  i hope to find it here...


First of all i tried to install with those "Beast-Tools".... Sorry for typing this, but i only want, that you know what i have tried so far...

I got OSX Running on my Hackintosh, without Sound.... LAN and Chimera Bootloader was succesfully running...


Now, all people i am talking to, said, i have to use myHack and Chameleon Bootloader to do it better... But i am new to this and i need help...

I found on youtube a video to create a myHack USB Drive to install OSX. So far so good. 


So i like to start from scratch.. again... 


But i dont know how to install the Chameleon Bootloader... Should i install this, AFTER the OSX install on my Hack, or should i install Chameleon on the USB Drive BEFORE i plug it into my  Hackintosh ?


My System is written in my Signature... 


And when i've done this... OSx installed and Chameleon Bootloader is running, i need to create a custom DSDT right !? - But i dont know how to do that...

Is anybody out there, who can help me with this !?


I want to use the AppleHDA Kext and not the VoodooHDA Kext when possible... 


So is anybody here, who would like to help me !?


Thank you very much!

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You have a very OS X friendly setup. When you installed boot from the USB and now boot into your HDD where you installed on. Then install Chameleon. DSDT is already made by someone, http://olarila.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=1385. There is an AppleHDA.kext already made for you here: http://www.osx86.net/view/3041-via_vt2021-2020_applehda.html.

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thank you, so i tried to put the DSDT to the /extra folder and in the root Folder....

Also installed the Apple HDA kext with Kext Utility 


and i get a Kernel Panic in Booting..... i tried -x -f -v flags nothing worked...

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Take a picture of the kernel panic. Try first with the DSDT in /Extra and reboot without the AppleHDA. So you know if its the DSDT or the AppleHDA

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Thanks for your answer! BUT,


i changed my Motherboard now, from a H77-D3H to a Z77-DS3H !!!!! ( with REALTEK sound and not this damn VIA VT2021)


OsX is installed again, Sound and Bootloader are working

only my LAN / Ethernet wont work....

i've installed this kext: http://www.osx86.net/view/3464-gigabyte_ga-h77-ds3hrev1.1_pack.html


And my Hackintosh has a green light unter Ethernet , but the ip is self given, and not from my router.... the same cable on my macbookpro works fine!

Both are set to DHCP...


What should i do now ...  Only Ethernet is not working now :(


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