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  1. HP Z600 Workstation

    Great Job, WELLEN! Thanks for the Translation of my guide - Great work!
  2. HP Z600 Workstation

    Yeah - thats me And yes, search for a better AHCI....kext - i think this will solve your problem.... i can boot my z600 without any flags - you can boot without -v but probably you'll need to find a new kext for the injector and then you r fine also BTW. did you write GraphicsEnabler=Yes with a CAPITAL E !? - try this out!
  3. HP Z600 Workstation

    did you already copied FAKESMC and NULLPOWER to S/L/E on your HDD ? Already installed Nvidia-Webdriver ? DAW with USB Interface is sweet Which german thread ? - mine ?
  4. HP Z600 Workstation

    yeah , there is a kext for that issue out there, just search for "USB Mouse on Hackintosh" or something similar - this is a common "bug" u need to install this kext an all is fine ! ( i think its called IOUSBFamily.kext ) BUT! - Before u do this, just check some other USB-Ports! - on my z600 only 2 or 3 are working correctly, the other ports aren't working - dunno why ... i use an USB-HUB for this So - you successfully installed your Z600 now ? - and i think audio isn't working, right ? - u need that Voodoo Audio kext for that, or an external Audio/Usb-Card
  5. HP Z600 Workstation

    Chameleon of your USB-Stick showed up - and there should be an option to select the HDD - if not - change your AHCI.....kext and try again ! (never miss repairing permissions) If you get into booting the HDD - install Chameleon with the Post-Installer and eject the install-usb-stick - and try booting up without the usb-stick 1. Boot from USB-Stick (this is the only bootloader you have now, you need this to boot into the HDD ....) 2. Select in Chameleon -> HDD ( fresh installed OSX ) - do not boot into "base system" or something similar from USB-Stick, especially don't boot the osx-installer again.... ) 3. Boot OSX from HDD 4. Install Post-Installer 5. Eject USB-Stick 6. Reboot without USB-Stick 7. Be happy If you got it through the installer, you are nearly done man keep on it ! You need something like this, but only with 2 options for you (first - usb stick /// second - hdd ) - u need to boot into HDD - not into USB ( if you boot USB - you are again in the installer which u won't) http://blog.thireus.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/stage-1-chameleon-bootloader.jpg?2611a1
  6. HP Z600 Workstation

    YEAH MAN - great job! looking forward
  7. HP Z600 Workstation

    i don't think that the graphics are the problem, but i can't really tell you what your problem is BLUETOOTH.io....... are most common graphics issues, but you stuck a while before this... so u got some other issues here... I never had those errors, but i installed 10.9 on my Z600.... maybe there is some difference... I would recommend to ask a better "hackintosher" than me - i am not a pro - but got it to work .... with very helpful guys around the web... Did you already tried cpus=1 - to disable all those cores ? Did you already search for some AHCIPortInjector.kext !? and installed it ? - have u repaired the permission on the stick ? Sorry but currently i'm very busy and can't get much into this.... but if i find some time, i will translate the Z600 installation for you guys into english... and hope this will help a bit... but let me know how its going ! GOOD LUCK man! _ Never give up - i needed more then 6 Days to install the z600, but now i am very satisfied with it - so keep on it!
  8. HP Z600 Workstation

    Check your Bios Settings: Storage->Options->SATA Emulation = RAID+AHCI Security->Network Service Boot = Disable Advanced->Device Options->S5 Wake on Lan = Disable Advanced->Processors->Active Cores = All Cores. Advanced->Device Options->SATA RAID Option ROM download = Enable Next: try to boot with this flags -v npci=0x2000 If its not working, try to recheck SMBIOS.plist : SMBios with MacPro5,1 LGA1366 "Westmere" created via Chamäleon Wizard -v, USBBusFix=Yes, Enable C4, Ethernet-BuiltIn=Yes, C-States, Drop SSDT, DSDT & SMBios next: delete AppleTyMCEDriver.kext & AppleUserUpstreamClient.kext from S/L/E AHCIPortInjector.kext needed in S/L/E on USB Try to get this USB-Boot working for installation ... then u need your HDD/SSD in an external case, because your SATA isn't working properly without a JMicron-Controller putting your Z600 hdd in an external case, gives you the possibility to install OSX on it...
  9. HP Z600 Workstation

    i do not recommend clover - instead use chameleon , it worked like OOB. Try this link http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/301138-new-usb-installer-os-x-yosemite-chameleon-r2657-v9/?p=2064388 On my Machine i used an older version of this, for 10.9 --- but i think nothing special for 10.10 ... so try this one and let us know I created the usb-stick (on 10.8) with this installer - inserted the USB stick, changed my bios, and it worked through to 10.9 for post-install ....
  10. HP Z600 Workstation

    Are you installing OS X and can't see the HDD ? -> If you are installing -> you need to put your HDD in an external USB-Case and install OS X on that. (this will help to see your HDD in DiskUtilty for erasing/installing) Or are you already installed, and can't boot into SYSTEM !? -> Then try another AHCIPort kext For all other QUESTIONS -- i posted the whole Installation-Process of the Z600 in GERMAN on this FORUM: (use google Translate if needed) http://www.root86.com/topic/6962-hp-z600-x5650-installation/page-9?do=findComment&comment=82128
  11. HP Z600 Workstation

    AWW - YOU ARE MY HERO!!!!! With FakeSMC and NullPower.kext copied to the MAV SSD - IT WORKED !!!!!! (Dont know why i forgot that ) http://up.picr.de/19353537sz.jpg FOR ALL QUESTIONS ABOUT THE Z600 -> WRITE ME geht auch in Deutsch Yesterday night i created a DSDT.aml and my buddies told me, it has no errors, and looks good, and we changed nothing on it.... But i have linked it in the cham.boot.plist HyperThreading is now Disabled, also i tried it with cpus=1 FakeSMC is not on Mav-SSD ! FakeSMC is on Boot-USB-Drive (with Chameleon) Here is the Link to the 3 kexts i used on the USB Drive https://www.dropbox.com/s/be20iobggv5i4a3/Archiv.zip?dl=0 And only the AHCIPortInjector was copied to the Mav-SSD - ATM i copied them and i'll give it a try! Thanks for the clarification on the IOATA, there is no need in IDE
  12. HP Z600 Workstation

    i tried already both PCI Slots - the others are too short for it....
  13. HP Z600 Workstation

    No option for AHCI only - no all my kexts are in S/L/E ! (without the graphical ones -> backup folder)
  14. HP Z600 Workstation

    Without the - AHCIPOrtinjector.kext i am running into: Still waiting for root device Error My Bios is set to AHCI+RAID, this is the only option i have
  15. HP Z600 Workstation

    No Nullcpupower.kext installed in S/L/E - or Extra Your log looks nearly like mine! And i hope we will get it to work, that would be great! The only 2 kext i installed: - AHCIPOrtinjector.kext - IOAHCIFamily.kext