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Switching out Mac G5 power supply with another

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So I was called in to fix a mac g5 and after a boat load of troubleshooting i have found out that the motherboard was fried so i found on craigslist a 2 used mac g5's for $100 i talked to the guy selling them and he said last time they were powered on they worked great but now he has lost the power cords to them and they are not just any basic power cord they were a weird shaped proprietary that one side is the wall outlet side and the other is a complete square with prong holes in it which i have never ever seen. Im thinking just switch the two power supplies from the busted mac (has normal power cable connection) with the used mac (with the weird proprietary connection)  would i have any success? the busted mac is a 1047 model and the used one im not sure. I would temp the owner to upgrade but they are one of those ppl that doesn't like change. 


Thanks for you help in advance.

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Not sure if I can but check this site for model


Scroll down to G5 articles at this link


Plus there are some links here on this site


Remember the G5 is old technology plus as I re-read yours it possible that Apple did change the power connector to the board in newer revisions.  

DVWarehouse is a source they may have the power supply you need buy I am sure it will be pricey.

I see by the date you ask you might not even have the G5.

Lou Cioccio

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