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10.8.3 with GTX 670 on Dell T7500

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Can someone please tell me how to get this working?

App Store purchased Mountain Lion 10.8.3 installs perfect... Intel Xeon x5560, 24Gb registered ECC, Western Digital Velociraptor,  DSDT for Dell T7500

Graphics card is Galaxy GTX 670 2Gb and is supposed to work Out of Box with Graphicsenabler=No


Even tried the Nvidia 10.8.3 drivers... still nothing. Stuck @ 1024x768


Also tried a Galaxy 610 and got the same results

Wifi = Working!

Ethernet = Working!

iCloud = Working!

App Store = Working!

Sees all 24Gb of ram

There has to be something stupid I am missing... I am so close... just need graphics and this is a compatible card!

Any help on this would be awesome... THANKS!

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I am starting to think maybe its the Dell motherboard, my DSDT, or Galaxy cards in general


Please post a IOreg and do not use GraphicsEnabler=Yes as this has no effect for this card due to it being self enabling. 

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OK... some success


GraphicsEnabler has always been set to =No


Someone on another forum suggested putting BOTH cards in the same machine


This has the 610 working flawlessly but 670 still has no kext loaded... remove the 670 and the 610 stops


No matter what I do the 670 will not kick in!


I did find out the Galaxy GTX 670 is a GC model... could this be the issue?


IOreg attached 




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OK now even more weird

In switching cards around I saw a sticker on the bottom of my Galaxy 670... it actually says "GeForce GTX 670 GC"... I bet that the "GC" is why no matter what I do Mountain Lion NEVER loads anything for that card

Now for more weird... in the T7500 BIOS under Video options, there is a single setting for when using 2 graphics cards... Option 2 is default and sets the lowest x16 slot as primary (motherboard is flipped around like the Mac Pro's are)... Option 1 makes the second "middle" x16 slot primary

Default setting option 2... NOTHING works... bloated ugly graphics.

Option 1 makes it all work BUT ONLY with the 610 in the middle slot... WTH? O__O

Now for more weird!

No matter what the 670 won't work... the T700 came with the NVS 295 Quadro. Its been sitting in my closet collecting dust because It has never worked in Mountain Lion as a stand alone card. So I pull the 670 out and stick in the NVS 295 (because there HAS to be 2 cards in it for the 610 to work) and guess what?

The 610 works paired with the NVS 295 AND Mountain Lion actually RECOGNIZES THE 295!!! I have a monitor running off it right now BUT... remove the 610 and OS X cant see it any more.. I am blown away

Time to dump these Dell T7500's (yes I have 2)

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