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Help With Sonnet Tempo SATA Card

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I have a Power Mac G4 MDD, inside of which I installed a Sonnet Tempo (SeriTek/1S2) SATA card.


The other day, I went to flash it with a newer firmware, and I goofed (I forgot to flash from a drive *other than* one connected to the card), so I am now stuck with a card with no identity.


I still have the SeriTek updater, but it will no longer detect the card as one it can update.


I think I've figured out how to flash it from DOS on a PC, but I just need to figure out what firmware to flash it with.


WiebeTech doesn't work, so I searched through the updater (which is a Mac OS X app bundle), and found something that looks like the firmware itself.


However, it must be obfuscated somehow, because it behaves as a corrupted firmware when I try flashing that file as is.


From what little I've read, I think this card's firmware is supposed to be 128K in size, but the file I found is 136K.


Any help in this matter would be appreciated.


Thank you,



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If there is a PC version of the card, then probably you can download DOS flash tool/image and see how the rom file is caled,,, PC rom (if exist) is different from Mac rom, cos' the EFI part is missing in the PC version. Same as with VGA cards, Mac versinos have different (bigger) rom chip to accomodate different firmware.

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