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  1. VoodooTSCSync.kext worked! I can now have the C2E installed and OS X behaves normally! Thanks!! c
  2. OK, but what would the IOCPU number be for a C2E? Would it be the same as a Core2Quad? How do I find out? Sorry about all the "newbie" like questions!! EDIT: I think I figured it out. It represents the number of cores. Yes? c
  3. I have my Hackintosh more or less working, but it's behaving a bit oddly graphically. There's a lag, and it won't refresh correctly, and I just noticed that if I let the screensaver activate, the whole machine will crash and auto reboot. It happened after I installed a Core2Extreme QX6850, which is seen in About This Mac... as a Quad Core Xeon. Before the upgrade I had a Core2Duo E8400, and it worked perfectly. I have good drivers for my graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 4650), and the card worked fine under OS X before the CPU upgrade, and continues to work fine under Windows, so I doubt this is the issue. Is it possible that mach_kernel (which, to my knowledge, determines which CPUs OS X is compatible with) is misconfiguring the CPU somehow because it isn't 100% compatible with it? Or maybe a DSDT issue? Someone in another thread suggested spoofing the CPU ID. Would that help? How, exactly, do I do it? I want to try to keep Mavericks if I can, as I prefer its GUI, but if it simply isn't compatible with the QX6850, and there's no way to fix it, then I'll bite the bullet and upgrade. Any help would be appreciated! c
  4. ATI Radeon HD 4650 Kext for Mavericks 10.9.5

    It seems to behave the same without those things, but I'll try again (I am using the proper DSDT for my board, however, so I sorta doubt it's the problem). I'll see about spoofing the CPU ID. This same configuration works perfectly under Windows, so I'm strongly inclined to believe the CPU is OK, and OS X is somehow not registering it 100% correctly, so this very well might be the solution. c
  5. ATI Radeon HD 4650 Kext for Mavericks 10.9.5

    Excellent! Thank you very much! I recently upgraded my Hackintosh from a C2D E8400 to a C2E QX6850, and it's now experiencing some odd graphical glitches and inconsistent slowness. Maybe this driver will fix it? Underclocking seems to help some, but I'm wondering if maybe some framework or maybe the kernel needs to be patched? OS X sees it as a Xeon of some sort (which, save for some special features specific to the C2E, it is probably otherwise equivalent to), so I'm not sure.... I'll probably post a new topic pertaining to this if I can't figure it out on my own. In the meantime, I'll go try out the newly-patched drivers and see how they work! c
  6. ATI Radeon HD 4650 Kext for Mavericks 10.9.5

    Hmm, might give it a try. I still like the notion of having properly modified kexts for native operation without help from whatever bootloader I have, though. c
  7. ATI Radeon HD 4650 Kext for Mavericks 10.9.5

    Hmm, that looks interesting. Would it work on my BIOS-only Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L? c
  8. ATI Radeon HD 4650 Kext for Mavericks 10.9.5

    Here we go... I think! I used GPU-Z to dump the ROM, and what I have is a 66 KB file. Hopefully this is correct? It's attached to this post, so check it out and let me know. Thanks! EDIT: Oh, and here are the kexts also. c RV730.rom.zip RadeonHD4650kexts.zip
  9. ATI Radeon HD 4650 Kext for Mavericks 10.9.5

    I'll try, but I've never done it before. I will search around and figure it out. c
  10. Hi, I have managed to upgrade my Hackintosh, but now I need to update this driver for my Radeon HD 4650. I have one for 10.9.4 which I will try, but I want to know if there exists a version for 10.9.5. In my searches, I've found drivers for the Mobility version, but this is for a desktop/PCIe x16 card, so I doubt those would work. So, if anyone can either provide me a kext for the desktop 4650, or point me in the direction of one, I'd greatly appreciate it! EDIT: I installed the 10.9.4 kexts, and they appear to be working 100%! Nevertheless, is there's any reason I should have 10.9.5-specific kexts? c
  11. Hi, During Summer of '14, I built a decent Hackintosh server using an Intel DP35DP motherboard, and it worked very nicely, until today. When I went to turn it on after it had been in storage a few months, it just kept revving the fans and beeping at me. Swapping around the RAM made no difference. So, rather than continue to fight with what seems to be a dying board, I'd rather get a better one that I can rely on. That being said, I'm looking at stuff from the late Core2Duo era, so that I can a) get it fairly inexpensively, and so I can use my current CPU and RAM, if possible. Problem is, I'm not certain what a good board for Hackintoshing would be. From what I can tell, Gigabyte boards are among the most uniformy Hackintosh-able, but I'm just not certain if this particular one will work. So far, I've looked at the Gigabyte GA-EQ45M-S2, as it has many of the features I like (lots of SATA ports, four RAM slots), except it's micro ATX (meaning, not enough PCI/PCIe slots), but that's fine, as long as it works. I'm not certain if it will work with Mavericks, though, as it seems to be from the late Snow Leopard/early Lion period. If someone can tell me if this board will work, or, if not, point me to a similar board that does, I would appreciate it greatly! c
  12. Hi, I have managed to get this working, albeit without sound, proper graphics acceleration, or power management (likely due to the lack of graphics support, at least partially), with a Snow Leopard mach_kernel patched for the Ivy Bridge architecture. Now I'd like to see about getting the graphics and sound drivers from a Mountain Lion installation working so I can get acceleration and listen to stuff. Apparently, putting an ML mach)kernel (and matching boot.efi, I discovered) can theoretically allow it to boot as well as the patched SL mach_kernel, but I suspect that, if properly done, it can allow kexts from ML to work on SL. So, I've tried blindly copying all system libraries, kexts and frameworks, and I can *almost* get it to go somewhere, but it just get's totally confused and reboots (not surprising, since I'm trying to create the equivalent of a monster here ). Anyway, anybody have some ideas as to how I could accomplish this? I realize that I could simply run SL in a virtual machine on a properly supported OS, such as Mavericks, but I want to see simply if it can be done, and, if so, how. c
  13. Hi, I have gotten as far as getting everything else up and running (Intel DP35DP with a Dual-Core Xeon something or other at 3 GHz), but I am having trouble getting the Radeon HD 2400 card working correctly. Short of replacing it with a more readilly supported card, is there any software trickery I can perform that will get all that OE/CI stuff working correctly (and allow multiple resolutions, etc.)? It's going to be a server anyway, so it's not a top priority, but, you know, I want to get it working anyway, because otherwise it'll bother me . Thanks, c
  14. Hi, I have a Power Mac G4 MDD, inside of which I installed a Sonnet Tempo (SeriTek/1S2) SATA card. The other day, I went to flash it with a newer firmware, and I goofed (I forgot to flash from a drive *other than* one connected to the card), so I am now stuck with a card with no identity. I still have the SeriTek updater, but it will no longer detect the card as one it can update. I think I've figured out how to flash it from DOS on a PC, but I just need to figure out what firmware to flash it with. WiebeTech doesn't work, so I searched through the updater (which is a Mac OS X app bundle), and found something that looks like the firmware itself. However, it must be obfuscated somehow, because it behaves as a corrupted firmware when I try flashing that file as is. From what little I've read, I think this card's firmware is supposed to be 128K in size, but the file I found is 136K. Any help in this matter would be appreciated. Thank you, c