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Weird problem w/ triple display setup – refresh rate changes after sleep

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hi all,


looking for help regarding a weird display problem :) I have three displays connected to my hackintosh (1x dvi, 1x hdmi, 1x displayport). all three work fine - except when I wake the computer from sleep: then all of a sudden the third one, which is my main display, is using the wrong refresh rate (37 hz according to the display's on-screen-menu, instead of the usual 60 hz). the result is sluggish behaviour of everything that's on that display. the other ones are fine. the only thing that helps to solve the issue is a reboot.


what I tried to fix the problem:



several framebuffer personalities

using different ports (though I only got all three displays working when using 1x dvi, 1x hdmi and 1x displayport)

search the forum :)


my hardware:

ati 5870

asus p8p67 pro



ML 10.8.2


edit: the display that has the issue is connected via displayport. 


any is help greatly appreciated :)



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