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  1. just in case someone else has this problem: I fixed it by switching from 12,1 iMac system definition to 14,2 imac system definition.
  2. Hello I’m trying to get my second screen to work with my GTX 970, but every time the second display is connected, the hackintosh reboots the second it should display the login screen. The two displays work fine (even audio) when I connect the second screen AFTER the hackintosh has booted. One display is using a 2560x1440 resolution (at the moment connected via displayport), the other 1080p (atm connected via displayport-hdmi adapter). I tried a hdmi-dvi adapter and some different combinations of connecting the screens, too, but that didn’t do anything. Anyone here with a GTX 970 and a similar set of screens that work? Any help is greatly appreciated Greetz N.
  3. Can't hide partition with clover.

    that was it! thanks!
  4. Can't hide partition with clover.

    Thank you so much for your help! I was trying to fix this for ages, now it finally works like a charm with your solution! THANKS! EDIT: One question: I put the entries with the volumes I want to see at boot in the "custom legacy" menu in clover, like Gamerfr did. How do I rename those volumes at boot? I renamed mine "Yosemite" at the "custom legacy" menu, but at boot it shows with "Boot OSX" or something. The renaming of the windows volume worked perfectly, it shows exactly as i labeled it.
  5. Can't hide partition with clover.

    Hello together I'm having the same problem – how do I find out the "mbr partition name"? Thanks in advance! Greetz N
  6. Frage bzgl. Yosemite / Clover & UEFI

    bump. no one an idea?
  7. Frage bzgl. Yosemite / Clover & UEFI

    thanks! I tried this, but after entering "bcfg boot dump" I get the error message "'bcfg' is not recognized as an interal or external command, operable program, or batch file. Exit status code: Invalid Parameter" is there any solution to this?
  8. Hallo zusammen, ich habe eine Frage zu Clover & UEFI-Boot, vielleicht kann mir hier jemand helfen. Ich habe Clover so installiert, dass er auf einer gesonderten EFI-Partition liegt. Woran merke ich nun, dass ich per UEFI gebootet habe? Wenn ich nämlich von Boot64x.efi boote, dann lande ich wieder im Clover-Bootmenü, habe dort aber einen weiteren Menüpunkt: „Boot Clover from EFI“. Wähle ich das aus, lande ich nach 4-5 Sekunden erneut im Bootmenü. Wähle ich dann „Boot UEFI internal from EFI“, lande ich nach einer Sekunde wieder im Clover-Menü - allerdings ist der neue Eintrag dann wieder verschwunden. Wähle ich statt „Boot EUFI internal from EFI“ ganz normal den Yosemite-Eintrag aus, wird auch Yosemite gebootet - allerdings nicht schneller oder langsamer als zuvor. Woran erkenne ich, dass ich per EFI gebootet habe? Oder wo habe ich den Denkfehler? Das Bios meines Motherboards (Asus P8P67 Pro) unterstützt UEFI und zeigt vor entsprechenden Laufwerken auch "UEFI" an. Über einen Tipp würde ich mich freuen. Viele Grüße
  9. thanks do I get this right: there is no other way than reinstalling both windows and mavericks to use both with clover?
  10. Hello I'm trying to switch from chameleon as boot loader to clover, but somehow it won't work. I'm using a Windows 8/Mavericks dual boot system and I'm trying to boot into Windows 8 with Clover, but to no avail. I see the Windows 8 logo for a millisecond, then the hackintosh just reboots. I can boot into Mavericks, though. Mavericks and Windows 8 are on two different SSDs. Windows is installed in UEFI-mode. What to do? Any help is greatly appreciated Greetz N
  11. hi all, looking for help regarding a weird display problem I have three displays connected to my hackintosh (1x dvi, 1x hdmi, 1x displayport). all three work fine - except when I wake the computer from sleep: then all of a sudden the third one, which is my main display, is using the wrong refresh rate (37 hz according to the display's on-screen-menu, instead of the usual 60 hz). the result is sluggish behaviour of everything that's on that display. the other ones are fine. the only thing that helps to solve the issue is a reboot. what I tried to fix the problem: graphicsenabler=yes/no several framebuffer personalities using different ports (though I only got all three displays working when using 1x dvi, 1x hdmi and 1x displayport) search the forum my hardware: ati 5870 asus p8p67 pro software: ML 10.8.2 edit: the display that has the issue is connected via displayport. any is help greatly appreciated n.
  12. thanks! you helped me a lot
  13. ah, there the info is - thanks so it's normal that kernel.log is gone from my system?
  14. hi, I can't seem to find my kernel.log after I updated to 10.8.2, checked console and system profiler, no kernel.log. can someone help? I googled, but seems like the problem's not very common... greetz n.
  15. AirDrop mit RT2870?

    hi, habe einen stick mit dem gleichen chip, und nach allem, was ich bisher in erfahrung gebracht hab, funzt airdrop damit nicht und kann auch nicht funktionieren, da dem chip anscheinend bestimmte benötigte eigenschaften fehlen. gruß n.