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Help with my first AMD Hackintosh. :)


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Hello, I want to turn my new custom PC into a hackintosh and I am worried about some of the hardware not being compatible. 


I have installed osx on my thinkpad before with wifi being the only thing that didn't work.  This is my first time with AMD though.


Hardware I am worried about.


Mother Board: Asus m5A78L-m

CPU: AMD FX-4350

Graphics: HIS Ice Q Radeon HD 7870


I do not need gaming grade graphics for my build since i will dual boot to windows for gaming, but I do need my card to work for HDMI reasons. 


I'm unsure if you have to install kexts or if it just works on it's own, never installed one before.



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This graphics card limits your options. 7xxx series won't work with any OSX iteration earlier than 10.8.3, and even when supported, will need workarounds. To make things a lot harder, Mountain Lion is somewhat buggy with AMD machines when graphics is concerned, meaning that you'll probably experience glitches which will vary from mild to impracticable. The best solution for your system would be to buy a very cheap graphics card for OSX-only usage, a compatible one of course, like the GeForce G210, and use Lion 10.7.5: in this scenario you'll have a perfectly working system, and HDMI audio will work pretty out of the box with VoodooHDA.


All the best!

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Ok hopfully I have a second PCI-E 2.0 port, right now my HIS ICE Q is a monster beast card and it will be hard to fit another if i have a slot open.  How will I be able to configure my Geforce g210 to boot with mac osx without removing my other card, or will it just auto bypass the incampatible card? 


Also wireless, what wireless cards with work, right now i use some cheapo Gsky which uses Realtek RTL8187L chip. 


How will i know if the Realtek RTL8187L will work?  if not i will go ahead and buy a compatible video card just for the mac boot since it's cheap. 


Also, in your knowledge what is the best way to run a duel boot windows and mac.  I own 3 harddrives, SSD for boot and 500gb, along with 160 gb.  All of them are full :(


I would go through data and make sacrifices, the ssd is pretty much free to use, but not sure if it would go better with the windows gaming system or the mac music production system



EDIT: my computer only has 1 pci e 2.0 slot, could i find a card compatible with mac that is just pci?  or would i have to switch it out every time?


What would be a cheap compatable wifi card i could order? 

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