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Triple Display Mavericks 3 monitors?

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Anyone use multiple displays on Mavericks? I have one 27" LED monitor right now but I am thinking about ordering two more to give a total of 3 displays. I have 2DVI and 2HDMI connectors on my 670 NVIDIA videocard so I think it will work.


Anyone tried multiple monitors up to three? I hear MAVERICKS should work well with it.


Let me know thanks!



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I have tried maverick DP2 on:

Imac 27" (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680MX) + 2 external 24" connected via Displayport 

the Hackintosh Xw8400 which has a GTS250 with 2 24" connected

in both cases all Monitors work very well, with the iMac I have the 3 monitors all with Menubar and independent fullscreen, with the Xw8400 it's two monitors.

It was time and all that screen space is finally usable

Your card should work and it'll be definitively worth to have so much screen space once Maverick is out, with ML it's at the moment of very little use.

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