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No Extensions listed in System Information


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When I use System Information to list the loaded extensions the only line that shows up says "There was an error gathering this information".


This is on a recent installation using the MyHack method (I hope that is OK) with OSX 10.8.4. My hardware is:

GA-B75M-D3H motherboard, G2020 ivy bridge dual core processor, GT210 videocard, 8G memory.


No DSDT, sleep is working without additional or modified kexts, USB2 is working, USB3 not, booting takes more than a minute (-v shows "unknown CPU Model" followed by a long wait, ~ 40 seconds), when the desktop shows the mouse and keyboard are frozen until after a few times pressing the on-off button, they do work. After that the system seems OK and runs well. About This Mac reports the processor as Intel Core i7 (that would be nice if true!)


any clues?  Thanks in advance.


also: the Terminal command: kextfind -loaded, displays 9 lines with kexts that have no Info.plist files, followed by the list of loaded kexts.

My 10.7 Lion Hack does not have any kexts without Info.plist files. What does this mean?

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