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DSDT and SSDT, speedstep no longer working


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So I basically screwed something up and cant figure out what went wrong my geekbench score dropped by 4000points. I think I overwrote my DSDT with a bad version and cant seem to find a working solution. Can anyone look over my DSDT and help me figure out how to fix it? Sleep works fine, if I remove nullcpupowermanagment I get KP and cant boot even in safe mode.


I can run my system fine without a DSDT, sleeps work etc. 

I have patched my Appleintelcpupowermanagement even though I have a unlocked my bios..Is this conflicting maybe? should I try vanilla kext ? I'd really prefer to be able to boot as close to vanilla as I can. 


Install: Mountain Lion 10.8.3

Specs: i5 2500k Overclocked to 4.5ghz  bumped it down to match ssdt 4.2ghz fully stable and speedstep working in win7

Mobo: P8p67 evo Unlocked bios 2302

Ram: 24gig 1600mhz

Bootloader: Chimera lastest version.. would rather use clover, tested it out on a USB but if I boot from UFEI usb - it just takes me straight to Chimera bootloader cant set my bios to boot efi for some reason bleh.

This is my first hackintosh, so if you notice any mistakes please let me know!



http://www.mediafire.com/download/um4p3628r2uu82r/dsdt.aml (currently using)


http://www.mediafire.com/download/wrpfqff6rg3ybym/DSDT(Untouched).aml This is my untouched DSDT extracted in win7














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For UEFI Clover remove any driver you dont need from drivers64uefi. It should work with FSinject, HFSPlus, OsxAptio and OsxFatBinary. Try without  CSMVideodxe. 


As for AppleIntelCPU you dont need it patched if you patched your bios and certainly dont need nullCPU. Create p and c states is mandatory if you dont use SSDT. I don't. 


In BIOS/UEFI set your overclock PER core not ALL core and if you want a 4.5GHz oc then set the 4 core to 45 and the rest to 46 So it looks like 1 core 46, 2 cores 46, 3 cores 46, 4 cores 45.

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