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  1. No sound from ALC883 on 10.8.2

    Did you try VoodooHDA from this thread? http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285266-voodoohda-with-fix-for-random-kp/ I had great success wit this kext and sound quality is awsome. Thanks to Zenith!
  2. Most probably you are using an incompatible SMBIOS. If youre on a laptop try using Macbookpro8,1 if a desktop Macmini5,1
  3. iATKOS ML2 DVD - Woes be Gone

    Try booting with command -v and report where it fails. Instead of the spinning "thingy" you should see the verbose output. You can also try by downloading cVad boot disk utility. With it you can make a clover usb from windows. Download Fakesmc.kext and NullCPUPowerManagement.kext and put them in Clover-Kexts-10.8. Replace the kexts already in that folder. Reboot to the USB, press space on the Mountain lion HDD and select boot with extra kexts. Report how it goes
  4. Not really. Do you use custom SSDT?
  5. Need some help with Iatkos ML3

    Which bootloader?
  6. I just noticed your 17x multiplier. 16 should be the lowest
  7. Geekbench 3 dude. They changed the scores. Cannot compare to Geekbench 2. His score is average
  8. DSDT and SSDT, speedstep no longer working

    For UEFI Clover remove any driver you dont need from drivers64uefi. It should work with FSinject, HFSPlus, OsxAptio and OsxFatBinary. Try without CSMVideodxe. As for AppleIntelCPU you dont need it patched if you patched your bios and certainly dont need nullCPU. Create p and c states is mandatory if you dont use SSDT. I don't. In BIOS/UEFI set your overclock PER core not ALL core and if you want a 4.5GHz oc then set the 4 core to 45 and the rest to 46 So it looks like 1 core 46, 2 cores 46, 3 cores 46, 4 cores 45.
  9. Hi there! Put the HWMonitor app in your app folder. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ee0hgdev810vhwz/-JJuKI9zXs Use Kext Utility to add the IntelCPUMonitor.kext. Link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fwd1r56ubunc7bl/gk8sOEW_us Add HWMonitor to your login items and reboot. You should see the HWMonitor icon in the menubar. Click on it and there will be the temperatures and multiplier
  10. GPU - no translucent menu bar. Clicking on the launcher produces a "tearing" effect, i.e. the animation is not smooth. CPU - install HWMonitor and Fakesmc plugins and check your multiplier. Or download geekbench and run it to see if you get a normal score. If you don't have NullCPU installed then only your speedsteping can be off. Run geekbench and compare your result. You should get around 8000 - 9000
  11. Hi there! Patch your AppleIntelCPUPowermanagement kext. Generate SSDT with RevoGirls script to 43 4300. In bios set overclock per core (not all core) and set for 4 core multiplier 42 and the rest multiplier 43. Restart and your good to go
  12. Did you check the "Overscan" box in display settings?
  13. Problem Sleep Wake with asrock G31M-VS2

    Have u installed any extra kexts (nvidia related)? Are you using kernelcache=yes? Best try would be to take an unmodified dsdt, apply only the essential patches, delete \ _SB.PCI0.SBRG.SIOW (Arg0), make a clean install and use GE. If that doesn't work try some other bootloader.
  14. Problem Sleep Wake with asrock G31M-VS2

    You can try by deleting the dsdt GFX0 edit and use chameleon's GE. The best would be to have a clean install. Everything you described sounds like chameleon not loading the card correctly upon resume from sleep. Or try a different bootloader (like Slice's EFI Clover).