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No QE/CI on ATI 6570 [SOLVED]


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I had recently installed Mavericks over my existing Mountain Lion system, but after the upgrade the QE/CI on my card does not seem to be working. My ATI card had been working perfectly in 10.8, but now I just don't know.
I managed to have modified the info.plist in the ATI6000Controller kext, adding my device's ID leading to having the native resolution.

Some kernel flags I have used:
GraphicsEnabler- If I add yes, then the system hangs at just before the login screen or sometimes it boots but ends up with a black screen as if the system is not using the graphics at all.

Nothing really seems to enable the gfx acceleration as I have tried many other things.
Thanks in advance for your help.


Edit: I just fixed my problem by:

        Installed newest Chimera


        Wrote a DSDT for my existing setup & fixed the PCI settings

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I cannot update to DP2, my wireless utility app freezes once opened in 10.9.

As for the graphics issue, this is what happens. I am not sure if the system is reading the card's properties correctly, as the device ID is 6759, not aa90.

Thank you for the reply.

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