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Bunch of Problems!


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I installed OS X Mavericks DP today on my Hackintosh. I've got Mountain Lion & Lion running (most) perfectly on my Machine. But with Mavericks I've got some Issues but I think you can help me. I've looked through the Threads here but nothing works for me.


Bluetooth FIXED!

- In Mountain Lion/Lion I never installed anything to get my Bluetooth Stick working. But in Mavericks I don't have a Bluetooth Icon in the System Preferences. How to fix that and get my Magic Mouse working?


iCloud Services FIXED!

- What I found on how to fix this was never working for me. At one Day it works after a Restart in Mountain Lion. Can't sign in to my iCloud Account. Ethernet is en0. I use a WiFi Adapter.


Sound FIXED!

- The System Info says that my Soundcard is a "82801JI (ICH10 Family) HD Audio Controller" but the .kext is already in S/L/E. No Sound. How to fix it?


I hope you Guys can help me, Thanks an Advance!


My System:


Mainboard: Asus P5Q Deluxe

CPU: Intel Q8400

GPU: Nvidia GTX275

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try to use kext files from ML for sound and bluetooth.

For Icloud stuff:

delete all adapters in network and delete library/preferencey/systemconfiguration/networkpreferences.plist
go to network and add again wifi adapter

this way it works for me with "LAN Adapter"

good luck

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Can anyone upload the following Files from a Mountain Lion Installation for me? I have only Mavericks installed.







I will try your Instructions about the iCloud Services now.


EDIT: Nope that doesn't help.


EDIT2: Sound is now working with VoodooHDA 2.8.4. The Bluetooth Problem is so damn annoying.


EDIT3: Okay now the iCloud Services are running fine. I only need Bluetooth & Shutdown Fix.


EDIT4: Now Bluetooth works. Don't know why but it works suddenly.

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